What a week its been

This has been a strange week in Australian Politics. I wasn’t paying much attention at first, but then the leadership challenge happened on Tuesday. And today, after Dutton didn’t beat Turnbull, they’ve getting ready to have another go again. For the fist time in a long time I’m actually watching the Senate. Penny Wong has proposed a motion of no confidence. I don’t think it will go through, but it’s making for entertaining viewing.

I don’t have many plans for today. I thing all I have to do is go to a banner making at Alberton and gat my DJ set made. I got the online form extended and it made it to the facebook pace, but it was snuch into another post with barely any promotion again. I can’t belive how much the others don’t get it. Just a simple post plugging the request form with a link that hasn’t been burried into another post. That’s all I thought would be all it needed. But, no. Why would that happen? The mind boggles at the stupidity.

Well I’m still going to let tomorrow go well for me. I can do whatever I want with my DJ set, picking the song that I want to play sprinkled with requests. A few uf us are not going to sit in our regular seat nut will stand on the hill instead. That way we can meet up with people we don’t always get to sit with and just have some fun. I’m not bringing my big flag so I have less gear to manage. But I’ve reached a point where I kind of just want this Port Adelaide stint to be put out if it’s misery. I feel like we all need a time to have some space and for those who are acting like small children should have their toys taken away from them and be forced to sit in the corner for six months.

So until next time,

Have fun and stay sexy!