Well I Made It… Again…

Once again I have made it to the end of the Blaugust journey for another year, and I have to sit back and contemplate how it all went, what I liked or didn’t like and whether it was worth it.

It’s one of those feelings where I’m glad that I did it again but I’m happy that it’s over. It’s definitely better than last years exhausting effort. But there were times when I was forcing myself to sit down and type about something because it was another day and I didn’t want to break the chain. I knew that if I took a day off, I’d stop altogether. But I wasn’t completely happy with the result of some of those posts. That said, there was still plenty that I was happy with.

If I was in a position to have more of a mindset where I could spend more time and effort of writing blog posts then I would have made some better quality work. There were even plans that I had which never eventuated that could have with some more focus. But it’s still that weird feeling of procrastination and tight deadlines that seems to loom. That feeling of “I’ll set aside the time to do better tomorrow” which happens almost every day. There’s also that feeling where I don’t want to write about something I want to do or have done. Instead I just want to do the things that I want to do.

But this has also helped myself in some ways. Writing gives me that feeling of self evaluation. It lets me go over my thoughts. I’ve never had a regular diary but I have done it during stages of my life. And Blaugust does give me that space to have that is some form. But I do get to a point where I’m happy to have tomorrow not involve this pattern.

As for the future, I’m not going to make any promises like in the past. I said last year I was done with Blaugust, yet here I was again. So I not going to say whether I plan to do it again or not. I thing that day has to come around and a post on Facebook could give me the push again. But I can see myself taking a year off. I have no idea. I’m also not going to say “I’ll do occasional posts after the month is over” because I highly doubt it. But the idea of doing this in private is appealing to me. Letting me sit down and dwell over my thoughts and wishes can be beneficial. But for now, I’m done! I made it! I’m really looking forward to not having to worry about this tomorrow!

So until we meet again,

Have fun and stay sexy!


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