WARNING! I talk about pancakes! Could make you want to EAT THEM!!!!

So I’m really MEANT to be photocopying music for my class tomorrw (it’s not illegal if it’s EDUCATIONAL! ….it is illegal? well i’m not photocopying if it’s a scanner and a printer! TAKE THAT COPYRIGHT LAW!) but there’s alot of “sitting-around-and-waiting” time involved so i thought I’d tell you all about my day.

It WAS meant to be CAT EMPIRE DAY! The GLOURIOUS day of the year! Only one of the singers got a Major throat infection and basically Can’t sing. So the concerts now on JANUARY the TWELTH! If there’s still tickets you can still buy them! It will be an AWESOME night I SWEAR! AWESOME with a Capital A and also a capital W-E-S-O-M-E!

But thinking about how it’s not today made me glad…. ’cause the wether right not is not exactly “standing in a line for four hours” kinda wether I can tell you that!

So…I woke up at 10….. which turns out was actually 11 ’cause I didn’t switch my clock for daylight savings time! I did my watch though! I thought I’d finally sort out my gs stuff today. All of this years stuff was still lying around and not in my folder of other gs stuff. But my folder was well and truely overflowing! So it was new folder time. So I went to Marion to buy a folder to put all of this years gang show stuff in then walked home in the rain! It stopped when I got home!

It didn’t stop being cold when I went out to buy pancakes though! First I went to glenelg! Turns out the Billy Baxters there is NOT there now! So I went to mitchim…. they were closed! So off I went to the PANCAKE KITCHEN! You’re gaurinteed they’ll be open! “This Door will NEVER close!” is what the door says! Which was pretty funny because it was jammed in the open position! I’ll have to take a photo to really prove the door really CAN’T close!

But because the Cat Empire weren’t on didn’t mean the music didn’t exist! It was ARIA NIGHT!