Trying to Benchmark

Righto. My PC hobby area is a total mess and I don’t even have by usual typing PC out at all right now. That’s because I’m experimenting with selecting a motherboard and CPU that best works with Windows XP.

I have three candidates. The first is a Gigabyte board that runs an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400. It seems to be going at 2.4 Ghz. My other two candidates are both boards for running an Intel Core 2 Duo 6600 that says it also runs at 2.4 Ghz. One board is an Intel and the other is a Gigabyte. My aim is to see which runs best so I can use it for an XP gaming rig. Welcome to the world of Benchmarking.

I don’t exactly know what I’m doing when it comes to benchmarking so I am keeping it minimal. It makes sense to keep the hardware as consistent as possible. So I need to use the same software and as much of the same hardware as possible to make the comparisons fair. I am using the same hard drive, gpu, soundcard and in some cases RAM sticks. I’ll use different ram on the intel to see if having more sticks help. Its dual channel, so 4 1GB sticks might be better than 2 2GB ones. On the software side the only software I’m using that is different are the motherboard drivers. Each will have the same things installed. DirectX 9c, The .NET Framework version 4, 3d Mark 2001 SE, 3d Mark 2003, CPUz, Quake 3, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2, Fraps and Beyond Good and Evil. My Hard drive is a Western Digital 80 GB SATA drive, my Soundcard is a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS and the Graphics Card is an Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT. Once I have it all worked out, I plan to put in an SSD and a Radeon HD 6850.

I guess I need to keep the same screen resolutions whenever I test anything. So my screen resolution will be 1024×768. I’ve run a bench on CPUz and both 3d Marks to get scores. I have recorded the FPS for Quake 3 with FRAPS (91 for the AMD) but the other games are more just by feel to see how well they work. I only have recorded scored for the AMD so far. I have to swap the motherboards to do the other two but I feel like I have a system now. Maybe it will make a difference. Maybe it won’t. I guess I’m going to find out. So until next time,

Have fun and stay sexy!