The Quest For Hot Water

GOD! How hard is it to find HOT WATER at Uni?! I can’t believe the ammount of effort I put in today trying!

You see, at the gloriously unorganised place that is the Elder School of Music, we used to have a COMMON ROOM! The problem was it SMELT FUNNY! Nobody would even think of chilling out in… because we had the BACKSTAGE CAFÉ! But what the common room did have was a fridge, microwave and a KETTLE! Which was really useful for HOT WATER!

Sadly, the common room went to another place… It became a conference room for another faculty… and everything in that room went in the garbage… 🙁

But not before the brilliant JAZZ MUSOs salvaged the microwave, kettle, and put them in a secret locker room (which I knew about) HORAY! The KETTLE LIVES ON!!!! This was a brilliant period of HOT WATER HISTORY! Being able to use the kettle with happiness knowing the dream DIDN’T DIE! 🙂

I spoke to soon…

Turns out, all the locker rooms have swipe card access now… all just because the “students” wanted to know their “instruments” were all “secure” (sarcasm has been noted!), the locker room I use is different to the one with the HOT WATER! And I don’t have access any more… 🙁


Because the uni doesn’t have a large supply of kettles.
Trust Me! I spent all day looking!

But the dream hasn’t died… convenience just got in the way…
The kettle may be no more… But the THERMOS revolution has just BEGUN!

Keep Smiling