Re-routing my Router

So, I have come to the end of my football journey for this year. Port Adelaide didn’t win and even if they did, Geelong won as well. Thereby making the possibility of finals doubly impossible. I am more relieved than disappointed as now I can finally have some space to find myself and get ready to come back next year. My Friday nights will be free from banner makings to do what I want again. I could go back to EVAC if I wanted to, but I think I want to have a few weeks to myself to do whatever I want to. My friends are going to the Legends game to have some fun next week. It seems like a great way to just let my hair down and enjoy myself.

Today I was finally able to do something I had been planning to do but needed the space and lack of Internet to do so. I wanted to move the location of the router. It has always existed in my bedroom, which has been convenient for connecting my PC and anything I wanted. But it has reached a stage where it has become more of a hassle. The room lights up like a disco whenever the led lights blink from activity. And whenever there is an issue, people have to go into my room to diagnose the router.

One day, when it was time to fix it yet again, I had an epiphany. Why not move the router out of my bedroom and into the TV room? This is what we call the room immediately outside the bedroom door. It is more of a rumpus room where there was a second smaller TV from which the room colloquially got its name. This was the TV where the SNES was plugged in and where the games were played. Where the older computer was located which was more accessible than the one in the office (and the one where all the computer games were installed). The room nowadays is one that I use as more of a home theatre with a 40 inch TV and a 5.1 surround sound system. I also have a PC connected so I can watch YouTube videos in comfort as well as any other video files from different sources (yaar). But I had run and ethernet cable from my bedroom under the door to a switch so I could connect my PC and any other wired networking devices.

The idea I had was swapping the locations of the router and the ethrernet switch with each other. But I would need to run a second cable outside my bedroom to do this. This time it would be a coaxal cable (that’s because it’s HFC internet connection). This wouldn’t be that hard to do as I could just follow the path of the ethernet cable. The only tricky part would be finding the right cable.

I tried pricing the various options up. The first option was getting coax by the metre and making one by attaching the right plugs. It didn’t turn out to be worth the money. The cost of the crimping tools were too much to justify for only one cable. And I didn’t know whom I could ask to try to borrow them. I also wasn’t exactly sure what the right length was for my needs. The next option was to find a place that could make one for me. An antenna place would probably be able to, but I thought it would also be expensive.

But then there was a third option I stumbled upon as I was looking through Bunnings one day. They sold the right coax cable in a 10 meter length. It had the right plugs too. (f-type connectors). I had measured how much I needed and found out that this length would be more than enough. If I wanted to I could even lift the cable off the ground and route it over my doorway instead of having it snake along the ground and under the rug. So $39.95 later I had just what I needed. It was not great value in my opinion, but it was still the cheapest and most convenient option. And, most importantly, it works too! That’s why you’re able to read this now. Now the router is in a more central location of the house which should make wifi signals more even, but I’ve yet to check if there is still a signal in the back shed. That could be the down side, but it’s something I can deal with. But overall, I am very happy. So until next time,

Have Fun and Stay Sexy!