Random Unplanned Blaugust Post #22

Today’s tea is Tetley Assam. I found this in a Cheep as Chips for next to nothing. I now know the reason it was heavily discounted was because it had a best before date of the 18th of August 2016. Still shouldn’t make it poisonous though. it certainly looks like tea and smells like tea. So my best assumptions is that it will also taste like tea. I’m more worried about the white calcium particles from the kettle that seem to be starting to float in my drinks of late.

I’ve just spent the last five minutes staring at a screen with only a paragraph of the tea I’m drinking. That’s how prepared I am to writing something tonight. I found myself realising that if I don’t try then I’ll be a day behind. And I really don’t want to be doing that, despite the small stakes involved in having to write a catch-up post.

I guess I could tell you about me day. It was a face-to-face training session for the Census blog. I got given a messenger bag, ID and little bits and pieces to help me visit houses. I also got a big delivery of Census forms, envelopes and various other forms of paperwork on Friday afternoon. The training went five hours but realistically could have only gone for about half that based on how much they doubled over on teaching everything. We all had to install an app to our phones or tablet that runs the admin side of chasing up everyone. It seems to work well enough. It even has an inbuilt barcode scanner in the app to grab details for the paper forms being handed out to households. What I found really stupidly finny is that there is a training app to get people to practice using the real one. It has a tiny picture of a train in the corner of the app icon. A good visual pun that was lost on absolutely everyone else but myself, at least until I pointed it out.

Don’t forget that I have my eurovison quiz that can still be done for the next few days. I realised I never actually set a date. I’ll reveal the answers on Wednesday. But for now, I’d rather just sit back, relax and finally get back to watching Twin Peaks. A good old TV show from the early 90’s one of my friend adores. He the kinda guy that only brags about something being good if it is excellent. It also finally makes that backwards scene in Who Shot Mr Burns Part 2 make sense.

So Until Tomorrow,

Have Fun and Stay Sexy!

Blaugust writing prompts (100% Thom Rip-off idea):
1) How is your job going?
2) What do you do when you are suffering from writers block during Blaugust?
3) What’s the most recent show you’ve seen which has only just made you realise an entire scene from the Simpsons was a reference?