Oh You Poor Ponies – What have you done

Ok everypony. I think I’ve been leaving it a bit too long now. It’s been almost two years and It’s finally time for me to talk ponies again. But I have some sad news for you all. This is not going to be a positive post because, for me, something just isn’t the same about this show anymore.

For some viewers they throughout the show was ruined when Twilight Sparkle, the main character became a princess, for others, it was when they gave her a castle. Perhaps people didn’t light the addition of Starlight Glimmer, a bad character who got a redemption arc and becomes friends with the Mane 6 and a part of the main cast. I haven’t had a problem with her because she gives us a new point of view character to see things through the eyes of every once in a while.

But for me, at least unknowingly at the time, it was when they made the movie. I came into it with a grain of salt thinking this is just going to be some harmless fun and viewed it as such. From my perspective this story could have been told at any point of the story when Twilight became a princess. I can’t even remember if Starlight Glimmer was even in the movie but it mustn’t have been important. Twilight’s castle wasn’t even in it. So at the time I could have thought this was a harmless story about going on a journey, defeating a main character with some entertaining songs and having it never even need to be referenced in the show as something that happened as cannon.

It was referenced as soon as this season started as something that did just happen at that point in time. That wouldn’t have been that bad, but it was what they did afterward that messed things up for me.

Twilight Sparkle, the princess of friendship, has decided based on her journey she has just been on (and after defeating some evil character I can’t even remember any more) that she will open a Friendship School. A boarding school where creatures from outside Equestria (and some ponies inside) can come and learn all about friendship. Why? Because in her words, places outside Equestria DON’T HAVE FRIENDSHIP! We’ve reached the point where the show has applied a mass generalisation, which has even proved not to be true. When they Mane 6 went of that journey, they went to places where there were species that were friendly to them. Yet they apparently anyone who is outside of this country doesn’t know what friendship is and needs to be taught. I could get it they wanted to improve peoples friendship abilities like Twilight at the start of this whole show. But that’s not what they said.

So now we have this school shoehorned into the show and all the main characters are teaching there. It’s not shown in every episode because the main characters are also still living out their everyday lives like the school isn’t even there. So you have to suspend your disbelief that each character is overseeing the full time management of a boarding school whilst also living out their other full time jobs. Rainbow dash is in a military acrobatic flying squad, Rarity is still a fashion designer, Applejack is running a farm, Pinky Pie still works at a bakery (but this can easily be part time), Fluttershy is operating and animal sanctuary and Twilight is undertaking royal duties whist she is also the principal of a boarding school and the others are the only teaching staff! The only other character that has any staff role except for Starlight Glimmer who is the guidance councillor (which has become a running joke because she rarely has anything to do). There was even an episode dedicated to what happens when everyone has to all go on a friendship journey together (something that happens all the time) and the struggles of trying to keep the school going because no one is there to teach. Once again, something that happens all the time and I doubt will never be referenced again.

It’s stupid! This whole premise is stupid! I don’t even think the kids are dumb enough to swallow this idea.

I know. I’m nitpicking the crap out of this children’s show. But there would have been a point at the start of this show when if this idea was brought up, it would have been laughed out of the writing room as a dumb idea. But I guess this show has been going for so long now that they’re desperate to come up with something they haven’t done before. But they also don’t want to end the show so it’s become a husk of what this concept once was. I haven’t stopped watching yet, but I just don’t get exited about this show anymore. I wait for some episodes to mass up, watch them without any great detail of care and still get frustrated and disappointed at what I see. This show started out so well, but I guess that’s how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper. It might be time to put this horse down now.

So until next time,

Have fun and stay sexy!