Now THAT’S a party!

Wow! What a night I just had! And once again it’s the morning after only this time I was NOT disappointed!

I was told in the middle of the week about a party on the tenth, I was feeling pretty good after getting the invite, only I was feeling a bit apprehensive. The last time I was invited to one of these parties I had extremely high hopes of what could happen. Yet it was such a let-down! Mainly guys playing poker and Emos listening to Green Day from darkness to dawn and as a result, it never ended up hotting up.

That didn’t happen this time around!

When I got there the music was catering for all the real tastes and definitely NOT EMO! There was a pretty good balance of guys to girls and everyone ended up singing and dancing! That was all thanks to one guy that was practically in complete control of what was being played and controlled it damn well!

I also came into this party with a completely different mindset. Last time I was planning on meeting girls and hopefully hooking up. Well this time I thought I’d stop with the games and just be myself for everyone to see. The girl holding the party wanted everyone to wear red or pink and the concept of “the random red scribble” t-shirt which became a massive talking point around people I met. It had “can i have a hug?” on the front because my other hug-shirt gets random people hugging me frequently. Well, many a hug was transferred between me and others that night. In fact, only one chose not to!

I just had such a great time that night and met so many people just by being me and not searching for the next hook-up. Just shows that you don’t have to pretend to be anyone other than who you really are.

Keep Smiling