My solar power story is not so sunny

Today, I would have planned to have a different version of this interesting story to tell. Actually, I don’t think it would have turned out as interesting as it did. I guess I could leave it to you to be the judge.

I had been leaving this piece of news to surprise you all. Today we were booked in to have solar panels installed onto the roof of our house. They would have been attached but they wouldn’t be switched on for a few weeks as the various electricity companies would have to sort some more things out. The provider would have to do some paperwork and the company formerly known as ETSA (SA Power Networks is so much harder to drop in conversation, especially since SAPN in just not a pronounceable acronym)
would have to do some wiring to let the excess power flow into the grid. There is also a plan to have batteries installed later in the year.

But alas, that did not happen. Instead the installers decided it was not safe or responsible enough to do so without the right equipment. The problem is that the pitch of our roof is very steep. Much more of an issue than with other houses. They climbed up to the roof and decided that the height and pitch would make working on it really hard and they didn’t want anyone getting hurt or the panels getting broken from slipping off the roof. So they’re going to come back next week with a scissor lift to do the job safely.

(This is the point where I do a google image search to find out what a scissor lift is. Hmmm. Not sure how that’s going to help in the back of the house where there is a veranda they also have to deal with. But I digress.)

I guess, had they installed them without any issue, I wouldn’t have been able to write about how they couldn’t get them installed today. Instead it would have been a shorter story spent writing about what they looked like. I don’t think that would have been anywhere near as interesting. It would have been, however, much more convenient as I have to keep a room tidy. You see, the reason our roof is so steep is because this is a two story house and the roof starts at the top of the ground floor but the roof extends past the upper floor with occasional boxes cut out where rooms are located. This makes part of the inside roof accessible by a door inside a walk in wardrobe in one of the bedrooms. This happens to be a room where I spend a lot of time in messing around with tech gear (I’m in it right now typing this very blog post). So I have to keep the room neat in case they need access in there so now I need to keep it neat for another week at least. I even had to empty the wardrobe and keep everything in a neat pile in the corner of the room. I’m not putting it back though. I’d have to take it all out again and that just seems like wasted effort to me.

Oh well. I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. I can live with it. The reward is still solar power. It’s just going to take a little bit longer than expected. So until next time,

Have fun and stay sexy!