My Computer Ideas

So when I went to bed, Malcom Turnbull was the Liberal leader and now when I have woken up, it’s Scot Morrison. What a strange week in Australian Politics it has been.

I think today I’m going to use this opportunity to list all of the old computing ideas I want o try out with the hardware that I have (or wish to buy). I’m think of this because there is one that is staring me in the face.

A way to triple boot MS-DOS 6.22, Windows 98 and Windows 2000. This is an idea I have for my Windows 98 PC. It has the hardware to do most things but I kinda just want to see if it’s possible so I can pick what OS I want on the fly. I don’t know if the SB live sound card would be compatible with Windows 3.x though. The same is true with my Geforece FX 5700. It might me able to do high resolutions if I use an older driver for something like a RIVA TNT, but I don’t quite know.

My other curiosity is finding a way to hot swap SSD’s. But I would need to find a 2.5 compatible front drive bay to do it. Especially in black. I think you can get them for 3.5 and 5.25 bays. Or at least you could get a 5.25 to 3.5 slot. That would cover up one of the dodgy face plates on my case if that’s true. It used to say “Leader” printed on the front but I sanded it off because I didn’t want it there. But the appearance and texture of the sanded surface no longer matches the case. Perhaps I could find a bay that also has some USB 2.0 ports in it so I don’t have to use the dodgy ones on the front. The reason the swapable SSD idea is in my mind is because it might work better than triple booting and be great for getting files on and off of a driver quite easily.

My other option is finding the same swapable drive bay that I have in my DOS machine. But it uses IDE as the interface so I’m unsure if I can squeeze an IDE to sata adapter into the bay with an SSD. It could work but I feel like it would be iffy. It’s something I should test with the beige ones I have before finding a black one. But finding them onlile is not a tricky task. At least with the SATA bays I should be able to connect the SATA to IDE adapter to the back easily.

One of my software projects is trying to find some really old versions of linux and finding how easy or hard they are to install. Or perhaps doing the same with OS 2 or other older operating systems.

Making my own ATX form card is another thing I’m planning to try out. It’s an expansion that is used to add A PS/2 mouse port, USB and an IR reader to an older AT style motherboard in the mid 90’s. My DOS machine has one and I’m using a really dodgy bracket with a PS/2 port to make that work. But I want to see if I can make one that has PS/2 and USB. I don’t really care about the IR port. This would have to need a visit to Jaycar and tying to get the right parts like the ports, wire leads and pin plug for the motherboard. It looks a bit like an IDE cable but has less pins. There are pin out pics on the internet because at least it kept to a standard. Then I’d need to find a way to mount it to an expansion bracket.

And finally. Finding a way to attach an SD card adapter to a rear mounted bracket slot. The IDE to compact flash adapters are commonly found in this setup but not the SD card ones. When they first came out, they wouldn’t even fit in a slot that actually had any port on the motherboard because it was placed too low on the slot. And any ones left on ebay are only in the UK and have insane postage on them. So I want to make my own mounting bracket with the loose ones I have. I need to find a way to get tiny little mounting screw posts that are either tiny right angle brackets or ones that are cut out from the bracket and bent into place. This will take some research on my part and lots of trial and error.

Well that’s all the things I can think of from the top of my head. So until next time,

Have fun and stay sexy!