Mmmm Minumum Chips…

Well… Right now I’m sitting on a patch of grass just next to the Grange Jetty. I’d stumbled upon here once before this year and found it so nice that I kept telling myself to come back. It’s taken me quite a while to return because something always came up, but finally I’m back here…… and just in time for lunch! Seemed like the perfect time to chill out, and write a few things over some minimum chips! The minimum at the local shop turned out to be $3.50, which in todays terms fits somewhere in-between “ok” and “expensive”… but the quality of the chips are pretty good so the price is worth it!

When I was at the Fish & Chip Shop they asked if I wanted salt, only I thought they asked if I wanted salad! Which obviously means my salt/salad interpretation organ appears to be malfunctioning. Still it all worked out in the end because these chips are so good that the salt would have most likely overpowered a bit too much.

You don’t seem to get much for your minimum chips these days, and where I come from it’s hard just to find a place that serves good chips to start with. I remember long ago (I’m starting to sound like my mum now) when minimum chips used to be $2 everywhere you went, but (like everything else) the prices started going up. Still, when you think about it, you’re getting way more for your chip-dollar than Maccas or Hungrys. So if you find great chips like these, live the minimum chip dream while you can because it’s only going to cost you more in the end.

Let me tell you a bit about the beach here at Grange. Service-wise it has some good fundamentals. CafĂ©, Pub, Jetty, Parks, good Fish & Chip Shop… It even has it’s own train line which operates reasnobly frequently. It’s a pretty quiet location and the beach-size is Huge, so you’re certain to find a spot. The beaches down here have some huge sand dunes as well. Something that’s pretty rare at the beaches in my area because they built the roads too close.

The only pit-fall it has is the distance relative to where I live… but you realise that it’s worth it once you get here. I saw a dolphin off the jetty which isn’t something you see at Glenelg every day! Mainly because it has a different atmposphere to most of the beaches I visited frequently over summer. In fact, this is one of the best beaches that I’ve been to. If I ever start finding a place to move into, I will always look at grange and see if I could live the dream here on a daily basis.

Keep Smiling