I’ve flagged a few different options

Tonight is just one of those nights where I want to just be lazy. That means I won’t be typing all that much. Because I have a lavish dinner waiting for me. I went to the supermarket and got all sorts of nice treats like cheese, bread, chicken and dip. It’s very much a no fuss dinner but I’m really looking forward to it.

My day was mostly spent driving around looking in fabric stores. I am interested in making a new Port Adelaide cheer squad flag for showing off at games. One of my friend has offered to give me theirs when they get their new flag, but I really want to make another one of my own which really stands out.

My way of standing out is by using shiny fabric. I kind of have it narrowed down to two options. One is using something called “disco sequin” which looks like sequin covered fabric but is actually just really shiny dots. The other is a fabric that looks like it has glitter all through it. Both of them are only single sided so whatever I make has to have the fabric doubled over.

As for the visual idea I’m going for, I am looking to do something like the national flag of Seychelles. Only I would do it square rather than rectangular and with a different colour scheme. I like the idea of the corner of a sunburst.

It looks like I have a good idea going that I can work on during my time away from the game. So until tomorrow,

Have fun and stay sexy,