Installing Sim Tower onto my Tower

Today is a pretty lazy day. I don’t really have that much to do as I sit here and eat leftover chinese takeaway from the night before. I’ve been thinking about playing some Monkey Island but the one I want to play is “The Curse of Monkey Island” which needs Windows 95 and I’ve got Windows 3.11 open at this machine. I could turn it off, swap it all over and give it a go at installing but I’m in a lazy mood. So Sim Tower it is.

The install went really smoothly. Just a case of putting in the CD and running the setup application which I did with the run command like most installers tell you. Sure, it’s possible to do it from File Manager, but that’s another program you have to run when resources could be an issue (even if they aren’t in this case). But it does need a Windows restart so I better save this file and go do that.

It ran a weird looking dialog to get the best display settings which I rarely see. I guess it’s because of Windows 3.11. I don’t think it does that in Windows 98 which is the only other place I’ve run this recently. But now it’s going well. I’ve learned that the sound effect stop when another application is in the foreground.

Sim Tower is similar to Sim City in that it is a game where you managed some infrastructure and income. But that’s about it. You are creating a building that contains different elements like shops, hotel rooms and condos. It’s only a 2 dimensional tower with a front on look but it’s still pretty engaging. There is no real endgame or goal other than to make a structure as lavishly as possible while still being financially viable. Certain additions to you tower are unlocked when you achieve certain goals like population, positive ratings and the installation of certain fixtures. It’s a nice timewaster.

I remember playing this on a computer at school on Windows 95. I wanted it because it was clear to me that this could run on Windows 3.1 at a time when that was the computer I had access to at home. So it was one of the more recent games that was still in stores I could play. This could have been around the time when I had a 386 machine in my bedroom with it’s really crappy small hard drive around 1998-ish. So I have a feeling this was the first PC game I had bought for my own computer (although I don’t think it was with my own money).

Well that was a nice trip down memory lane for me. So until next time,

Have fun and stay sexy!


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  1. I remember Sim Tower as not being the worst thing, but I don’t think I ever owned it, probably just played it at a friend’s place some time.

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