How my DJ request idea went

Today I had a deadline to make. Well, it was more like everybody else’s deadline to make. I just set the thing. I had a Google form that I had created because I wanted song requests for my DJ set this Friday. I don’t know if I can say wether or not it was a success or not.

You see, I am usually getting requests for songs but either on the day or at a point that is really inconvenient for me. So I thought I would finally give everyone the chance to actually request with enough time. I essentially gave everyone one and a half weeks time to do so leaving 4PM today as the cut-off. Fifteen songs, I got fifteen total, and some of them are my own it’s not quite what I was asking for, and whist I would call this useable, I wouldn’t call it a success. It suffered from a lack of promotion. I was hoping the group that I do DJ sets for would share it to their facebook page. They did place the link in a group email that gets sent out every week and on an event page from the LAST event. But it didn’t get what I wanted. In fact, the most responses I got were a result of me promoting it to my personal facebook account. I tried, but I guess there is only so much I can do. So no doubt I will still get verbal requests from people who didn’t know about my online form because the people tasked with sharing it didn’t do their job properly despite having ample time to do so. At least if I get asked to do something like requests in the future, I know what I can tell them if I don’t want to be involved.

I guess it gives me the excuse to play music that I like to make up the time, or just do a short set if I want to. The possibilities are limitless. So until next time,

Have fun and stay sexy!