Grim times with Grim Fandango

Oh my gosh! Grim Fandango has got a horrid control layout! I was expecting it to be like most LucasArts adventure games that are point-and-click. This has no mouse support whatsoever and just doesn’t feel intuitive to me at all. You use the keyboard or numeric keypad to walk around. And there are no visual cues to items that you are focused on. I think I’ll have to be in the right mood to enjoy this.

All I really wanted to do was enjoy a game tonight. I thought having a go at Grim Fandango would be a good idea. I got it installed but the custom launcher I tried wouldn’t work with Windows 98. So I throught I’d just use the standard one it came with. The game wouldn’t even load. It turns out you need to install a patch if the CPU is 400 MhZ or higher. But there is a way to copy most of the data from the CD to the main drive. But the cd needs to be in at all times for it to work. At least I have it working now. But I had to reduce my screen resolution for anything to show up on my monitor. What a nightmare!

I’m not ready for this in my frame of mind. I’m just going to go play Monkey Island instead. So until next time,

Have fun and stay sexy!