Friday the THIRTEENTH!

Well, well, well… Friday the thirteenth! I only just realised that!

Everything’s been going relatively well lately, there’s just this pretty good vibe going around uni lately! Sometimes you just get those days where everyone’s just pissed off at everyone else… but everyone seems pretty carefree today! Must be the fact that there’s only two weeks left…

Tomorrow I’ll be rehearsing my little ass off and playing until I’m red in the face! First I have to get to uni for a final reharsal (on a Saturday!) for Wind Orchestra, then I’ve got to find my way to another rehearsal for work… Then from there I’ve got to go BACK to uni and play in the final concert for Wind Orchestra! written down it may not look like such a big list but it’s just so long! I don’t even know when I’ll be able to EAT!

But that’s not going to get to me today… not with such the vibe there is around me. I’m just writing this up on my laptop in the middle of the Barr Smith Lawns… I can even put this up through the wireless network! It’s really cool!… OK… so I can’t… That’s ok, I’ll do it at home!…. One Day!

Keep Smiling