You know what? I still haven’t been using this thing properly or anywhere near it’s more amazing potential….

So let’s get it all straight…. XANDOX!!!!!!!! That’s the alias that counts and this is my life in blog form. Wow! It’s just like you’re reading a blog only it’s more blog like!

So yeah… I work, I live, I breathe… but more specifically I watch Anime, read Manga and play video games… you’re usual geeky habits really….

so welcome to the world I breathe…

Have a good Day!

EDIT: I managed so find some older blog post from my MySpace page. Seriously who still uses that thing? Well, at least there’s more to look at than this thing here.

WARNING! I talk about pancakes! Could make you want to EAT THEM!!!!

So I’m really MEANT to be photocopying music for my class tomorrw (it’s not illegal if it’s EDUCATIONAL! ….it is illegal? well i’m not photocopying if it’s a scanner and a printer! TAKE THAT COPYRIGHT LAW!) but there’s alot of “sitting-around-and-waiting” time involved so i thought I’d tell you all about my day.

It WAS meant to be CAT EMPIRE DAY! The GLOURIOUS day of the year! Only one of the singers got a Major throat infection and basically Can’t sing. So the concerts now on JANUARY the TWELTH! If there’s still tickets you can still buy them! It will be an AWESOME night I SWEAR! AWESOME with a Capital A and also a capital W-E-S-O-M-E!

But thinking about how it’s not today made me glad…. ’cause the wether right not is not exactly “standing in a line for four hours” kinda wether I can tell you that!

So…I woke up at 10….. which turns out was actually 11 ’cause I didn’t switch my clock for daylight savings time! I did my watch though! I thought I’d finally sort out my gs stuff today. All of this years stuff was still lying around and not in my folder of other gs stuff. But my folder was well and truely overflowing! So it was new folder time. So I went to Marion to buy a folder to put all of this years gang show stuff in then walked home in the rain! It stopped when I got home!

It didn’t stop being cold when I went out to buy pancakes though! First I went to glenelg! Turns out the Billy Baxters there is NOT there now! So I went to mitchim…. they were closed! So off I went to the PANCAKE KITCHEN! You’re gaurinteed they’ll be open! “This Door will NEVER close!” is what the door says! Which was pretty funny because it was jammed in the open position! I’ll have to take a photo to really prove the door really CAN’T close!

But because the Cat Empire weren’t on didn’t mean the music didn’t exist! It was ARIA NIGHT!

….cause there’s gonna be a test later…

….sooo…. Gang Show’s over for another year… andd we’ll all start that post gs depression when you realise you’ve got nothing to do on monday night…. and there’s nothing left to do except wait for the dvd to come in the mail… so if you were in gang show and feeling pretty down right now I feel for you….


I’m sitting and watching Rove right now (yeah, I am pretty crazy right about now) and there’s the kids from “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” and I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING!!!! And the really finny part is that nobody else (except for a few) know why.

What really caps it off is that The Cat Empire are going to be on Rove as well! I’m guessing they’re going to play “No Longer There” at the end of the show.

But yeah, now that the Show’s over I can have a life outside the show again! I even cleaned my room for the first time in three months! Seriously! Thre were clothes that were clean (and even ironed) lying around on the floor!

Well I think that’s killed my boredom for now! So I’m going to dissapear and you can read me the next time I can be bothered…

Keep Smiling


Now THAT’S a party!

Wow! What a night I just had! And once again it’s the morning after only this time I was NOT disappointed!

I was told in the middle of the week about a party on the tenth, I was feeling pretty good after getting the invite, only I was feeling a bit apprehensive. The last time I was invited to one of these parties I had extremely high hopes of what could happen. Yet it was such a let-down! Mainly guys playing poker and Emos listening to Green Day from darkness to dawn and as a result, it never ended up hotting up.

That didn’t happen this time around!

When I got there the music was catering for all the real tastes and definitely NOT EMO! There was a pretty good balance of guys to girls and everyone ended up singing and dancing! That was all thanks to one guy that was practically in complete control of what was being played and controlled it damn well!

I also came into this party with a completely different mindset. Last time I was planning on meeting girls and hopefully hooking up. Well this time I thought I’d stop with the games and just be myself for everyone to see. The girl holding the party wanted everyone to wear red or pink and the concept of “the random red scribble” t-shirt which became a massive talking point around people I met. It had “can i have a hug?” on the front because my other hug-shirt gets random people hugging me frequently. Well, many a hug was transferred between me and others that night. In fact, only one chose not to!

I just had such a great time that night and met so many people just by being me and not searching for the next hook-up. Just shows that you don’t have to pretend to be anyone other than who you really are.

Keep Smiling


Mmmm Minumum Chips…

Well… Right now I’m sitting on a patch of grass just next to the Grange Jetty. I’d stumbled upon here once before this year and found it so nice that I kept telling myself to come back. It’s taken me quite a while to return because something always came up, but finally I’m back here…… and just in time for lunch! Seemed like the perfect time to chill out, and write a few things over some minimum chips! The minimum at the local shop turned out to be $3.50, which in todays terms fits somewhere in-between “ok” and “expensive”… but the quality of the chips are pretty good so the price is worth it!

When I was at the Fish & Chip Shop they asked if I wanted salt, only I thought they asked if I wanted salad! Which obviously means my salt/salad interpretation organ appears to be malfunctioning. Still it all worked out in the end because these chips are so good that the salt would have most likely overpowered a bit too much.

You don’t seem to get much for your minimum chips these days, and where I come from it’s hard just to find a place that serves good chips to start with. I remember long ago (I’m starting to sound like my mum now) when minimum chips used to be $2 everywhere you went, but (like everything else) the prices started going up. Still, when you think about it, you’re getting way more for your chip-dollar than Maccas or Hungrys. So if you find great chips like these, live the minimum chip dream while you can because it’s only going to cost you more in the end.

Let me tell you a bit about the beach here at Grange. Service-wise it has some good fundamentals. Café, Pub, Jetty, Parks, good Fish & Chip Shop… It even has it’s own train line which operates reasnobly frequently. It’s a pretty quiet location and the beach-size is Huge, so you’re certain to find a spot. The beaches down here have some huge sand dunes as well. Something that’s pretty rare at the beaches in my area because they built the roads too close.

The only pit-fall it has is the distance relative to where I live… but you realise that it’s worth it once you get here. I saw a dolphin off the jetty which isn’t something you see at Glenelg every day! Mainly because it has a different atmposphere to most of the beaches I visited frequently over summer. In fact, this is one of the best beaches that I’ve been to. If I ever start finding a place to move into, I will always look at grange and see if I could live the dream here on a daily basis.

Keep Smiling



Well, I have been really bored lately!

Don’t get me wrong, I love having some time off from uni, but there’s only so much of nothing that a guy can take before going completely crazy!

Lately I’ve been procrastinating, writing (not like this, more music and works), reading, and looking for a good time!

I’m SERIOUS!!!! That’s what I call a really strange feeling! Sort of like having someone tickle you IN the nose with a feather and not knowing about it until IT’S TOO LATE!!!!

Well before I was brutially attacked and threatened I was going to let you know about this weird night out! I met with a couple of friends and a few of their friends/boyfriends that I hadn’t met… well there was this one guy (he will remain nameless) who got absolutely trashed! And he was so trashed that he was standing at this completely empty part of the bar thinking he was about 15 meters down at the open part of the bar! I think he stayed there for 45 minutes wating for someone to serve him!!!!!

Well anyway, I’ve been buying all these clothes lately and I think I’ll be getting more some time next week!

And that, is just a sneak peak at how my life’s been going lately…. I’ll probably talk again at a later time….

Keep Smiling


A strange night out…

Well, how does one describe what happened last night?… It’s the morning after if that’s any help… no?… well then I’ll just start from the top…

I got invited to this party, and well, I’d been looking forward to it all week! It was going to have it all…… drinking, dancing, socialising, getting to “know” people (up close)… I had spent all day at a rehearsal and a performance. The whole time I was thinking to myself “Come on! Finsih up already! I could be drunk by now!”

Finally I got there. “I’m at the door! It’s all happening people!” I get my name checked off the list. Then someone tells me “Jesus, why’s everyone rocking up late? You’re one of the first guys here!” My confidence soared even further. “Wow, one of the first guys!, this is going to be SWEET!”

Well I go in, I’m listening to the sound of Green Day blaring through the house… “this is not a good sign people” …… Not only is there EMO music being played, but there’s hardly anyone here.

The Green Day went on for AGES! I swear it must have been on a loop! I ended up hearing “American Idiot” at least four times before they put real party music on! I know I shouldn’t have arguments over peoples taste in music, but it just doesn’t set the right atmosphere that the party really needed. Some rhythm to dance to and some beats you can shake your hips to!

Many more guys came… slowly… but soon it became a giant blokes social! What made it worse is that all the guys started playing POKER! So Un-Party atmosphere! Especially ’cause they left the lights on so they could see the cards!

In the end it never ended up hotting up at all, and in the end it was more of a gathering of friends than a party! My problem was I never went to school with anybody there, and they all went to the same school as well, so THEY all knew each other!

Still, I did end up getting pretty Smashed! So I was still pleased… not excited… just pleased with going out and socialising…

Maybe I just had some high expectations for last night or something… It probably didn’t help that all the people I remotely knew didn’t end up showing up! But there’s bound to me much more partying to be done! I have CAT EMPIRE coming up at the end of the month! And then there might be more celebrating of the end of exams for this year!

So this guy KEEPING his Partying Spirit for the next BIG ONE!

Keep Smiling


Awwww I love hugs!

MY GOD, I’ve been busy!

Seriously, It’s like i’m almost doing GS week all over again! I’ve been playing in The MS Societys Production of “My Fair Lady” which I’m getting paid to do… which has made it worth it! It’s really fun, but it just seems to be the same thing every night now…. You know that film “Groundhog Day” where Bill Murray wakes up and goes through the same day over and over and over again!? Well it kinda feels that way when every audience is sold out and they all laugh at the same jokes! Great I know, But BOARING! At least we’ve got tomorrow night off, and there’s only 3 of these shows to go!

And there’s only ONE WEEK of Uni Left!

Buy, the way… I have to tell you this story! I was wearing this T-Shirt I made that says “can i have a hug?” Probably the best shirt I’ve ever made! I was on the train at like, 1:30pm going home from uni and there’s 3 girls sitting across from me…. they’re giving me these strange looks, just being stupid really… like girls that age do…., I overheard that one of them was having their 17 birthday that day, then they get off the train to go to marion… but note before the birthday girl blows me a kiss and waves!

Well, I just go home and chilled out,… wrote music… the usual stuff… well, round 4:00 I decide I’d go to Marion to kill some more time…. Turns out the same group of girls is STILL at Marion, and the Birthday Girl recognises me! “OMG! That’s the “Can I Have a Hug” guy from the train! I just keep on walking, smiling to myself! I often get comments from my shirt, It’s why I love it so much! But 25 meters away, from the corner of my eye, Birthday Girl turns around and starts running towards me, screaming “Hey man! Come here!” I join her and gives me this HUGE hug! Just a random girl! So I’m say “Awwww, thanks SO MUCH!”, wish her a Happy Birthday and live out the rest of my day knowing I made this girl’s day!


If I hade the guts I would have spoken to her more and maybe got to know her… but yeah… I’m not good at that sort of thing… She was loud (something I could live with)… but she had this amazing smile and the most beatiful shiny brown hair! And she went through all that effort just to hug me! Which has to mean something!

Yeah I know this happened weeks ago, and so much has happened sine then! But this is just one of those things that just stick out that I’ll remember!

So I wouldn’t mind catching up with Birthday Girl Again if I could! You were really cool!

So If you had your 17th birthday on the 11th of October, and hugged some guy you met on the train three hours later at Marion, I wouldn’t mind hearing from you again!

Keep Smiling