Oh You Poor Ponies – What have you done

Ok everypony. I think I’ve been leaving it a bit too long now. It’s been almost two years and It’s finally time for me to talk ponies again. But I have some sad news for you all. This is not going to be a positive post because, for me, something just isn’t the same about this show anymore.

For some viewers they throughout the show was ruined when Twilight Sparkle, the main character became a princess, for others, it was when they gave her a castle. Perhaps people didn’t light the addition of Starlight Glimmer, a bad character who got a redemption arc and becomes friends with the Mane 6 and a part of the main cast. I haven’t had a problem with her because she gives us a new point of view character to see things through the eyes of every once in a while.

But for me, at least unknowingly at the time, it was when they made the movie. I came into it with a grain of salt thinking this is just going to be some harmless fun and viewed it as such. From my perspective this story could have been told at any point of the story when Twilight became a princess. I can’t even remember if Starlight Glimmer was even in the movie but it mustn’t have been important. Twilight’s castle wasn’t even in it. So at the time I could have thought this was a harmless story about going on a journey, defeating a main character with some entertaining songs and having it never even need to be referenced in the show as something that happened as cannon.

It was referenced as soon as this season started as something that did just happen at that point in time. That wouldn’t have been that bad, but it was what they did afterward that messed things up for me.

Twilight Sparkle, the princess of friendship, has decided based on her journey she has just been on (and after defeating some evil character I can’t even remember any more) that she will open a Friendship School. A boarding school where creatures from outside Equestria (and some ponies inside) can come and learn all about friendship. Why? Because in her words, places outside Equestria DON’T HAVE FRIENDSHIP! We’ve reached the point where the show has applied a mass generalisation, which has even proved not to be true. When they Mane 6 went of that journey, they went to places where there were species that were friendly to them. Yet they apparently anyone who is outside of this country doesn’t know what friendship is and needs to be taught. I could get it they wanted to improve peoples friendship abilities like Twilight at the start of this whole show. But that’s not what they said.

So now we have this school shoehorned into the show and all the main characters are teaching there. It’s not shown in every episode because the main characters are also still living out their everyday lives like the school isn’t even there. So you have to suspend your disbelief that each character is overseeing the full time management of a boarding school whilst also living out their other full time jobs. Rainbow dash is in a military acrobatic flying squad, Rarity is still a fashion designer, Applejack is running a farm, Pinky Pie still works at a bakery (but this can easily be part time), Fluttershy is operating and animal sanctuary and Twilight is undertaking royal duties whist she is also the principal of a boarding school and the others are the only teaching staff! The only other character that has any staff role except for Starlight Glimmer who is the guidance councillor (which has become a running joke because she rarely has anything to do). There was even an episode dedicated to what happens when everyone has to all go on a friendship journey together (something that happens all the time) and the struggles of trying to keep the school going because no one is there to teach. Once again, something that happens all the time and I doubt will never be referenced again.

It’s stupid! This whole premise is stupid! I don’t even think the kids are dumb enough to swallow this idea.

I know. I’m nitpicking the crap out of this children’s show. But there would have been a point at the start of this show when if this idea was brought up, it would have been laughed out of the writing room as a dumb idea. But I guess this show has been going for so long now that they’re desperate to come up with something they haven’t done before. But they also don’t want to end the show so it’s become a husk of what this concept once was. I haven’t stopped watching yet, but I just don’t get exited about this show anymore. I wait for some episodes to mass up, watch them without any great detail of care and still get frustrated and disappointed at what I see. This show started out so well, but I guess that’s how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper. It might be time to put this horse down now.

So until next time,

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Dungeons and Discords

Today’s tea is called Immortali-T. Three guesses as to where it came from (yes it was the T-bar). It is a rooitea chai. As you can mist definitely tell, I love chai tea. I love the way the spices result in a really fruity concoction. To think at the start of the month I was adding honney to my chai. I’m definitely not doing that any more. I’d love to make my own chai blend one day. I have plenty of spices left over from my curry. Why wouldn’t I want to give it a go?

We come to the last pony review of the month and we finish it off with a bang. “Dungeons and Discords” is a unique idea with a good execution. There is the aspect of role playing games partnered with the brilliant character of Discord brought to life by the voice acting of John de Lancie.

So who exactly is Discord? What so awesome about him? And what does he have to do with Start Trek: The Next Generation?

There exists a character in the Star Trek universe called Q. He is from the Q continuum. He is omnipotent and has exceptional abilities. Think of his as a manic God. But you have to also think of him as a man-child. He has everything in the world, but of anything of substance, he has nothing. So he spends his time toying with many being and many people. He was fascinated by Picard.

So who is Discord? He is the spirit of chaos. Originally the villain of the Season 2 opening episode, he has magical god-like abilities to cause chaos throughout the lands. When trying to describe Discord’s character to the producers, the writers just said “he’s like Q from Star Trek” which the production staff loved so much, they decided to get John de Lancie, the actor of Q, top voice the character.

Based on his incredible popularity, the writers decided to bring him back and try to reform his character. So they put him in the care of Fluttershy who has since made friends with him and helps keep him in check. So not Discord jumps in from time to time as part of his own friendship journey.

So now we get to the episode at heart. Discord has come for his weekly meet-up with Fluttershy. However she has to get ready for a trip to Yakyakistan (it’s a place full of Yaks) with the rest of the Mane six. She suggests she spend the evening with Spike and Big-mac, two of the side characters who always have a secret guys night when they’re gone, which isn’t very secret since she knows about it. Discord begs for Fluttershy to stay, but she is insistent that she has to go (naturally Fluttershy and Discord are frequently shipped together in the shipping community as the “Fluttercord” paring).

After the Mane Six head off on their toy train (as in, it’s a train that clearly exists to sell it in toy stores), Spike and Big-mac decide to invite Discord to their guy’s night. Discord assumes it’s some kind of lively evening with Jazz, Fedoras, zoot-suits. But it turns out to be a role playing game called “Ogres and Oubliettes” (ten guesses as to what it’s referring to). Discord reluctantly decideds to join in.

This is the point where you probably guess what’s going to happen. You think he’s going to hate it, but then it’ll slowly grow on him as they go in-depth into the game. They decide not to do that at all. They start playing the game, and Discord really sucks at it. He tries to do all the magical things he can do in real life, but because he’s an archer, he needs incredibly high rolls to do magic. So he gets frustrated and tries to make the guys do Jazz dancing by teleporting them to a jazz club. Spike and Big-mac just want to keep playing their game so Discord gets fed up and sends them to a dimension where the game is real. But not fun. In fact, it is absolutely terrifying. Well, comically terrifying. It is for kids after all. It’s probably the best five minutes of the episode as it really gets into the crux of the story. It’s not actually about role-playing, but about just reaching out and trying to be nice.

But it’s also about pride. Sometimes you have to give it up and get off of the pedestal that you put yourself on. Sure, Discord has magical abilities. But like Q, he has everything and yet, he still has nothing of substance. He can only call Fluttershy a true friend. He’s boisterous, but the reality is that he’s actually an introvert that finds it hard to reach out and make friends. As Fluttershy is also an introvert, it made a lot sense that she was chosen to befriend him. But I’m digressing now.

The Mane Six return the next morning to find that the guys, including Discord, are still immersed in their RPG, enjoying it so much that they don’t even see the Mane Six arrive. Twilight suggests backing away and letting them have their fun. But Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie decide it’s so much fun that they both want to join in. The episode end as the gaming party finds two new characters.

The way they managed to combine role playing with a way to add depth to Discord’s character was something I was absolutely fascinated by. This was definitely a great episode. It’s gets a solid A. Probably the geekiest episode of the show so far.

Next week’s episode is titled “Buckball Season” and appears to be about a team sport. The show has covered sport before, mainly Olympic-style competition. But they haven’t done anything related to a football-esque sport before. Buckball has been referenced to once before. But now we get to see the game for real. Like I said yesterday, I might come out of blog retirement to do a post about it. I will if it’s good. If not, I might go back and talk about an earlier good episode.

So Until Tomorrow,

Have Fun And Stay Sexy!

The Times They Are A Changeling

Today’s tea is Puri-T, another punderful T-bar title. It’s a herbal tea with many great things such as hibiscus spearmint, elderflower, ginger, dandelion, nettle and clover. This one need to infuse for five to ten minutes. That’s a long time for tea. It’s been five but I think I’ll leave it a bit longer as there doesn’t seem to be a huge scent coming from the pot that I’m using. One of those ‘tea for one’ things with a small teapot that fits on top of a cap and saucer. I’ve really wanted one for a long time. Just a basic white one would do. I’m borrowing one that is covered in babushka dolls. But I came here to talk about pastel ponies. So I shall begin.

“The Times They Are A Changeling” is a bit of a mixed bag. I feel It tries to cover way too many things in the 22 minute running time. Mass hysteria, xenophobia, prejudice, peer pressure, but most of all, back-story. Back-story that even I have to feel I need to explain to make the episode make sense. This is the episode’s biggest failing. Anyone who’s seen everything wouldn’t need to have all the back-story explained. But because this is made for kids and syndication, it’s a fact of life that there’s going to be some exposition. Normally is all rushed through in the cold opening, but the back-story in this one takes up a quarter of the damn episode.

I’ll try to do my best. The story takes part in the Crystal Empire, some fancy place made so Hasbro could sell more toys) which was once saved by Spike the Dragon (Twilight Sparkle’s number one assistant). So Spike is a bit of a celebrity there. Twilight is going with Spike to see her brother and sister-in-law (who happens to be Princes) and their baby (another reason for Hasbro to sell more toys). But when they get there, they find everyone in the town is hiding or in a panic. This is because they believe there is a changeling in the area. Changings were the villains of the Season 2 finale as one of them posed as Twilight’s soon to be sister-in-law at their wedding and almost took over the entirety of Equestria, so it’s made everyone uneasy. Because Spike is so famous for being a hero in the Crystal Empire, they ask if he can help. Because he’s so incredibly vain, he accepts.

Eventually he finds the changeling, named Thorax, but discovers that he’s not actually evil and just wants to be friends with everyone. But nobody will accept him because they think he’s the spawn of Satan. Spike gets an idea. What if Thorax morphs into a pony and meets everyone in the town in that form instead? This is going well originally, only he accidentally morphs back into his original form in front of the royal guard. Everyone thinks the changeling has deceived Spike. And because Spike doesn’t want to lose his popularity, he decided to go along with that assumption.

Eventually, Spike realises how horrible he’s been and goes to find the Thorax again to apologise. He comes back to the royal guard with Thorax in his true form and tells everyone that he’s friends with him and that he doesn’t pose any threat to anyone with THE POWER OF SONG! Probably not the best to do it but the clock is ticking on the running time. Of course, if they hadn’t spent ages working on back-story then perhaps they could have gone more in-depth with getting Thorax to make friends with everyone rather than winning everyone over with a musical number.

The pacing of this episode was really weird. It felt rushed and padded out at the same time. But the show also got their toy selling plugs out of the way in inly one episode too, which I prefer over drip feeding it through the season. This gets a C+ from me. This could still the best episode with Spike as the main focus though. Spike episodes are usually the absolute worst. The episode next week diffidently has an interesting title and concept. “Dungeons and Discords” is going be about fantasy role-playing! I’m more excited that it’s an episode with Discord in it, a character similar to “Q” from Star Trek: The Next Generation who is even voiced by John de Lancie, the actor who played “Q” from Star Trek: The Next Generation!

28 Pranks Later

Today’s tea is one I’ve had for a while and enjoy every now and then. Rooibos and Vanilla.It has a wonderful scent and normally goes down a treat. The perfect tea for when I am feeling lazy. I also realised I haven’t had one yet the entire month. I was holding out for when I had no idea what I wanted.

It’s pony time again. This wee the episode was “28 Pranks Later” which us older viewers could instantly tell was going to end up in zombies or else it would have been a waste of a good pun. Just like “The Cart Before The Ponies” this story’s plot was incredibly predictable. Buut unlike last weeks episode it, was actually good. If you’re going to have a predictable plot then you should make it an entertaining journey. This is were this episode excelled. Though I do have to say that three Rainbow Dash centric episodes in a row immediately after a hiatus is not a good idea. They did this last season as well, but with Rarity. Break it up and give the other characters a go!

The episode starts with Rainbow dash pranking poor old Fluttershy in the dead of night. Anyone who knows continuity knows that this is off limits. It’s followed up by a group meeting where all of her friends tell her they don’t approve. Unfortunately Rainbow thinks that they’re telling her that her pranks are lazy if she’s targeting Fluttershy. So she decided to up her pranking to target practically everyone in the entire town.

This is where we get to the creative pranking park of the episode. Many an inventive prank are made in a montage to the tune of Polka music. Some are pretty cruel. Like putting a brick in a hamburger. But some are pretty awesome, like the scroll transportation.

The rest of the Mane Six decide that Pinkie Pie could help curtail Rainbow Dash’s pranking. Pinke is also an aficionado of pranking (her and Rainbow teamed together in a very early episode to have some pranking fun) so she doesn’t want the pranking to stop. But she does decide to give in. So she goes to see Rainbow to see if she would stop. It it there that she learns that Rainbow Dash has an idea to prank the entire town at once. The annual Filly Guide Cookie run is happening, and Rainbow Dash wants to swap all the cookies for joke cookies that make the noses of the ponies that eat them get Rainbow colours on them. Pinkie doesn’t think it’s that funny. But Rainbow insists it hill be hilarious.

Rainbow Dash does end up swapping the cookies and they all get sold to the ponies of Ponyville. But Rainbow doesn’t seem to know the whole town has gone quiet. It turns out that not only do the cookies give them all rainbow noses, it also turns them into zombies. You can tell the production staff had fun with this portion of the episode.

Of course it ends up being an entire prank on Rainbow Dash courtesy of Pinkie Pie and the entire town putting on an act. Rainbow doesn’t think the prank was very funny so she finally gets how a joke can be taken too far. That was meant to be the moral but it was taught in such a way that apparently two wrongs do make a right.

At least it was a fun episode. B+. Would watch again. The episode next week is “The Times They Are a Changeling” which I have a feeling will be to do with mass hysteria.

So Until Tomorrow,

Have Fun and Stay Sexy

The Cart Before The Ponies was crap; Sisterhooves Social is Better

Today’s tea is another chai tea from the T-bar. This time it is Complexi-T. A sophisticated imbibe for the chai graduate, this tea combines cinnamon in a subtle way. With portions of ginger, clove, cardamon and pepper it’s a busy pot indeed. We’ll that’s what the label says about it anyway. My assessment so far: It smells nice. Probably won’t even need to add anything like honey. I’ll let you know when I’ve tasted it.

I was meant to write this yesterday but I felt like I needed a day off from typing. Thank goodness I had a buffer. But now it’s time to get back on the horse, I mean pony.

I originally thought the latest pony episode would give me some inspiration. It ended up being pretty crap. It was a predictable paint by numbers story with barely any reason to re-watch.

“The Cart before the Ponies” was about the Cutie Mark Crusaders competing in some billy cart derby thing. They each needed the help of an older pony. They got their older sisters/role models to help but they took over. Some bullshit excuse of a disaster happens and they try it again only letting the foals run the show. The moral was kinda trying to be a “don’t live through your kids” kinda thing but they were sisters so that message didn’t go through. Maybe it was something to do with bad communication. But that doesn’t work because it was the older ponies who didn’t listen. Grade: E. Don’t watch again.

Now that’s out of the way. Who actually are the Cutie Mark Crusaders? They are three foals in the town who are friends. There’s Apple Bloom who is the younger sister of Applejack, Sweetie Bell who is the younger sister of Rarity and Scootaloo who doesn’t have an older sister as far as we know. She has Rainbow Dash as her older role model/surrogate sister in times such as these. They originally formed a club known as the Cutie Mark Crusaders because they had not yet received their cutie marks, the picture on their flank which is appears when you discover your special talent. Well they all got them together last season, so they’re now just friends who hang out and help others.

Back to the crap episode. There’s actually a way better episode where they showed sisters unable to get along. I’d rather talk about that. It’s also a shining example of an episode I like because it has a lot more depth.

(BTW, I really like this tea)

“Sisterhooves Social” is en episode from the second season where Sweetie Bell has to stay over at Rarity’s for a week. Sweetie Bell wants to show some appreciation for her older sister but keeps getting in the way. She ties to make Rarity breakfast and burns everything. So Rarity throws it out to make it again without Sweetie’s help. Then Sweetie tries to help by doing the laundry. Only she ruined a shrinking a woollen jumper (she is only a kid). Next she tries drawing her a picture, thinking that drawing won’t get her into trouble. She decorates it with gems which makes Rarity mad because the gems were to go on a dress she was designing. Rarity leaves to get more. Sweetie tidies up her mess and the one is Rarity’s designing room. That’s the last straw for Rarity was she knew where everything was as her room was organised chaos which has now made her lose her inspiration. It seems no matter how hard Sweetie Bell tries to help she ends up failing.

Sweetie then leave and meets up with Apple Bloom where she is able to vent. Apple Bloom suggests that they take part in the Sisterhooves Social, a yearly competition where sisters compete in an obstacle course. Sweetie Bell loves the idea thinking it could finally be a great activity to bond. It turns out that Rarity absolutely hates the notion of it because she thinks it’s simply uncouth. This is the last straw for Sweetie Bell who then decides that perhaps she’d rather not have a sister at all which they both agree on. So Sweetie Bells heads off to Apple Bloom’s. There Apple Bloom and Applejack are doing chores on the farm but having a great time. Sweetie Bell sees the bonding that she wished she had.

Meanwhile, Rarity is trying to get back to work. She ends up doing a full spectrum of dresses which she wouldn’t have been able to do had Sweetie Bell not tidied her room, though she can’t bring herself to admit it. Then she sees her cat and decides that the shrunken woollen jumper is a perfect match. Another thing that she can’t quite thank Sweetie Bell for. Next she is adding gems to her dress. She’s one gem short so she decides to grab one from Sweetie Bells picture. And this is where the feels kick in.

MLP-FIM 02x05 - Sisterhooves Social.mkv_snapshot_13.06_[2016.08.09_13.39.45]

She finally sees the picture and realises exactly how selfish she’s been. It’s done in an homage to the film version Gone With the Wind claiming “If Celestia is my witness, I shall never be Sister-less again!”

So Rarity heads off to find Sweetie Bell and apologise to her. There’s only one problem. This time Sweetie Bell is not interested in listening. She’s seen how well Applejack and Apple Bloom get along so she’s decided shell adopt Applejack as her new sister. This is news to everyone, especially Applejack. Rarity tries to convince Sweetie Bell to come around but Rarity shows that she hasn’t actually changed as she only wants them to do things that Rarity’s interested in and nothing that Sweetie Bell likes. After Rarity shares a moment with Applejack who enlightens Rarity that she needs to compromise more. This finally gives Rarity an idea which will be revealed in the final scene.

The next day is the Sisterhooves Social where Applejack, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Bell are in attendance. The race is about to begin where Sweetie Bell is upset that she can’t take part. Applejack and Apple Bloom suggest that she instead take part with Sweetie Bell as she’s competed with Applebloom plenty of times. This cheers Sweetie Bell up. The race starts with traversing a deep mud pit. Apple Jack falls and comes out entirely covered from head to toe with only her hat indicating that she is Applejack (I think you can see where this is going). Sweetie Bell and her competitor work really well together and end up nearly winning. But that doesn’t matter as Sweetie Bell is glad to take part. She goes to Applejack and knocks her hat off revealing a white unicorn horn. The mud is flung off revealing that IT WAS RARITY ALL ALONG! They did the old switcheroo in the mud pit (an extra little hint was that you could also see Rarities eyelashes). Finally they are reunited and have leaned something about friendship. The moral of the episode being that relationships are built on compromise. The final scene is the two of them having fun outside in the rain. This sparked a fan art trend known as the Wet Mane pose. Type any MLP character into google image search followed by the words “wet mane pose” and you will see exactly what I mean.

Finally I can write again! I’ll do another one tonight to get my buffer back. Then we’ll see how we go from there.

So until Tomorrow,

Have Fun and Stay Sexy!

Stranger Than Fan Fiction

Today’s beverage is something I know Mark will hate me for. Twinings Earl Grey with honey. Fortunately I happen to like Earl Gray tea. But I don’t have it too often. I found myself not being able to remember how to open a box of 100 Twinings tea bags. Talk about poor form.

But enough of that. I have ponies to talk about!

Yes it’s that time again. The time where I talk about that fascinating show My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic. The show is in its sixth season this year. And just a few days ago it came back from its mid-season hiatus!

So this is the first time since doing Blaugust that I have new episodes! So this time I’m doing reviews!

This week is “Stranger than Fan-Fiction”. It’s a Rainbow Dash centric episode wherein she goes to a Convention. Kinda fitting considering AVCon just finished.

Specifically it’s a convention for the in-show book series “Daring Do” by A. K. Yearling. There’s been two episodes on the Daring Do already. First one was a way to get Rainbow Dash, someone who things books are nerdy, interested in reading. In the end she goes all Daring Do fan-girl. It was full of Indiana Jones type troupes. The next one reveals that the Daring Do series is not actually fiction revealing that A. K. Yearling is in fact Daring Do. I wasn’t a fan if the idea. I kinda liked that the ponies had their own fantasy fiction. I may not have been a fan of the direction, but that’s what they did so they had to stick with it. Rainbow ends up helping out Daring Do on an adventure.

So anyway, Rainbows at the con and instantly meets another fan by the name of Quibble Pants. He’s voiced by Patten Oswald who is most famous for voicing Remy from the Pixar move Ratatouille. He also voiced the male version of Jessie, the main character from Minecraft: Story Mode. Back to the story, Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants then decide to hang out at the con together. I remembered my first AVCon when this exact scenario happened. I was sitting in the uni cloisters on Saturday morning playing Tetris on my old Gameboy. Some guy made a comment about it and then we spent the next two days together. I don’t know if this still happens now that AVCon has grown so much. Perhaps it still does or maybe it’s just a small convention thing.

Well then the relationship goes sour because Quibble Pants refuses to recognise any of the books after the original trilogy because he doesn’t like the unrealistic direction the books took. This makes Rainbow unhappy as she secretly knows that all the Daring Do adventures are real. So she hunts down A.K Yearling (who is a guest at the con) to try to get her to convince Quibble Pants that they are possible. Yearling/Daring Do has more important stuff to worry about as she’s actually secretly on another adventure for treasure in a lost temple. She went to the con to blend in with the Daring Do cosplayers as a way of hiding.

Well eventually Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants get kidnapped by the books bad guys and are taken to the forest near the temple. That’s when we say goodbye to the con and into the adventure. But it takes on an ongoing joke that Quibble Pants thinks it’s a Daring Do experience and not actually real. Eventually he comes to the realisation that it is. They meet up with Daring Do, find the treasure (with great assistance from Quibble Pants by pointing out every predicable adventure troupe) and they all lived happily ever after. Quibble Pants discovers that he loves the Daring Do that solves puzzles in the first books whereas Rainbow Dash loves the adventure aspect. Which leads us to our moral. Everyone has different interests and that’s ok. The credits are filled with Quibble Pants talking about how he wants to write the next Daring Do novel with his Fan Fiction ideas.

It think it’s fair to say this episode really jumped the shark. There’s been nothing this incredibly geeky in MLP before. And this was definitely not feel like it was catered towards the child audience in any way. Though if it was then I like how fan conventions and pop culture are finally becoming mainstream. Enjoyable. Kinda memorable for the concept and some of the great jokes. But I prefer my Pony Episodes to have a bit more substance. It gets a B minus from me.

Next weeks episode will be “The Cart Before the Ponies” and features the three kid characters I don’t think I’ve touched on yet, The Cutie Mark Crusaders. This should be fun considering that I love making fun of The Cutie Mark Crusaders. But I got plenty of other things before I subject you to more pastel ponies. Or at least a planned post on pastel ponies.

So until tomorrow,

Have Fun and Stay Sexy

This Will Send Your Heart all a Flutter!

So, I’ve written about many things. Eurovision, stuff I even did a quiz which Thom managed to win.

And then there have been the Ponies. Five out of the mane six have been covered. Which means I have one left. 

And she’s my absolute favourite! FANBOY TIME!!!!!!!!

I introduce to you all the timid pony. She’s a bit shy. You could even say she is Fluttershy! That’s actually her name. Fluttershy.

In many Anime’s you have the concept that is Moe. The moe character is the one that you feel affection affection. She is your waifu. Well for me, Fluttershy is definitely mai waifu. She does absolutely everything in a cute fashion. Here’s Rainbow Dash teaching her how to cheer!

But it’s not just her cuteness that makes her who she is. It’s her resolve. She knows she’s not the greatest, the most daring or the strongest. But she is definitely the most caring. Especially when it comes to animals, which she has an amazing way with. Which is why she’s many people’s favourite character.

Her greatest time to shine was probably the second season episode “Hurricane Fluttershy” where all the pegasus ponies had transport water with a tornado. First Fluttershy tries to get out of it because of how embarrassed she’s be by being the weakest flyer.

But then Rainbow Dash forcer her to join in the training. She ends up being the weakest and feels humiliated but then her animals friends cheer her up enough for A TRAINING MONTAGE!

The problem in the end wasn’t that she was a bad flyer because when an emergency situation arose, she was one of the best flyers around!

Do I need to show any more? Clearly I do! Here’s the best of Fluttershy from the first season!

And finally I will leave you with a cute little gem I came across of Fluttershy trying to have a conversation with Siri. It’s not the real voice actor but whoever it is does a damn good job of it.

So that is Fluttershy. And that is all the Mane Six! I could keep on going but I think I’ve fanboy’d over Fluttershy more than enough enough for one night.

So Until Tomorrow,

Have Fun and Stay Sexy!

This Blog just became 20% Cooler!

So I come to that time where I throw together another post. Don’t forget that you all have until Wednesday to do my quiz for a packet of Werther’s Originals. So far there has been one attempt so the prize is definitely going to be given to a recipient but still do give it a go if you don’t think you’ll do that well.

I read one of Thom’s answers to the pony question. It was about the first pony I covered in 2015. I was like, “Rainbow Dash. RAINBOW DASH? Are you KIDDING ME?” I haven’t even talked about Rainbow dash yet!

 Because she was my next Pony on the list!

So far I’ve done the two earth Ponies. They don’t have any major visual feature though they are good with the ground. Then there are the unicorn/alicorns. The unicorns can do magic with their horns, the alicorns can do magic with their horns and fly with their wings. I left the Pegasus ponies to last. They are of course, the specialist flyers. And one of the greatest flyers of them all is Rainbow Dash.

She’s definitely the athletic pony and has a lot of drive to to well in everything that she does. And almost all of it is athletic. Naturally she has an ego to match it. She doesn’t just think she’s the coolest most awesomest pony alive. She KNOWS she’s the coolest most awesomest pony alive.

Of course this comes to a head when paid with Applejack, the last pony I covered and there was an entire episode devoted to this.

On a side note: Do you know how hard it is to find clips when you search things like “Rainbow Dash vs. Applejack”? I kid you not almost EVERY result is a slash fan-artwork!

Rainbow Dash also started a huge saying in the MLP community that ended up on t-shirts and uttered practically everywhere. It was from that episode where Rarity was making dresses for everyone. Of course everyone started requesting changes.

This is all Rainbow Dash had to say on the matter.

Which is where i got my title for today’s post!

So we have covered all of the Mane Six. Well all but one. I saved her for last for a reason. You think I’ve been fanboying so far? All these pony posts have got noting on the one that’s coming! For I still have yet to do my absolute favourite character yet!

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Apples! The drinking game!

Another late one for me tonight. I apologise but I have spent at least who hours waiting in a doctors surgery so I could get a certificate and make sure I’m not dyeing. I got the certificate but they were unsure about the dyeing thing. They gave me a referral in case I get worse. What I probably have is a cold but I also have some neck and shoulder pain as well. Put them together and it could result in meningitis which is terminal if left untreated. Though he did resaure me that I’m probably fine, to take some Panadol and take tomorrow off. Only if I suddenly feel a lot worse should I need to use the hospital referral and get a blood test. I’m reassured that I’m probably fine.

 So knowing that I’m probably not THAT sick I can now talk about ponies!

So I covered Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Rarity. Three down and three to go. Rarity was the most posh of the bunch. This next one is as far from that as you can get. And the basis of a drinking game where you’ll probably end up with alcohol poisoning! The key word is Apple! For this next pony is named Applejack! She lives on an Apple farm by the name of Sweet Apple Archers with her Grandma named Granny Smith, her older brother named Big Mac and her younger sister named Apple Bloom. We don’t know about her parents but it has been hinted by the writing staff that they passed away when Applejack was younger. The farm is on the outskirts of Ponyville, the main town.

Because she lives on a farm she posses a cowboy personality. She’s very much a tomboy type character and tends to take on a lot of responsibility. Though she is also quite caring she has a habit of being very suborn at times. There was an entire episode in the first season based on Applejack biting off way more than she could chew. The Apple Harvest was overdue due to Big Mac being out with an injury but she refused to ask for help. She was also to busy helping everyone else because she was to proud to tell everyone that she was too busy. Because she was exhausted she ended up making everything worse in a comedic fashion. The classic example would be when she “helped” Pinkie Pie make some cupcakes.

On a slightly related not that is how I felt today at the doctors surgery.

A really great paring in the show is when they Pair Applejack with Rarity. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does it usually ends in hilarity. There was this one tiome where they were mocking each other by swapping their personalities in the fourth season. I really can’t remember the reason but it was pretty funny.

So that is Applejack. Her paring with Rarity is great but it’s still nowhere near as epic as the next character Applejack is usually paired with! But I’ll leave that for another time. For now, I have a plan of bed rest and recovery.

So Until Tomorrow,

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Not being able to do my planned post. It’s only a Rarity occasion.

I had a plan all worked out for what I was going to do for today post. I honestly did. It was going to relevant to my day and it was going to be really interesting. But then I came down with a screaming headache so I didn’t feel up to doing it. It was going to take a lot of thought and concentration which right now, I don’t feel I currently have. So I need a fall back today. Something I can do straight from the top of my head. Something with which I can type about until the cows come home.

Did I say cows? I actually meant to say Ponies.

It’s now time to write about the fair Rarity. She’s an entrepreneur who runs a successful business in the town. Of course, because this is a kids show aimed at a female target audience, that business happens to be a fashion boutique. But like I said, she’s definitely successful as she is an up and coming high fashion designer. There obviously had to be some kind of fashion related element to the show and it’s done relatively well given the circumstance. Rarity speaks in a Mid-Atlantic Accent (one of those fancy ones people put on when they try so sound sophisticated) and is a drama queen. This adds more of a comedic angle to it all. Te fashion angle has also been taken fun of during the show considering horses don’t generally wear clothes.

Rarity is a Unicorn and can do some basic magic. But her specially is in mining for jewels that she uses in her creations. It’s not referenced very often but there was one episode in the first season where it was the main focus. She was hunting for them when she was kidnapped by some greedy dogs who wanted to force her to hunt for gems for them. Naturally the rest of the Mane sis wanted to go rescue her because they knew she wouldn’t be able to cope with being a prisoner down a mine where there is dirt. They also thought she wouldn’t cope with her captors.

This is actually how she dealt with it.

Turns out she does actually have street smarts and managed to have them all wrapped around her little finger. So when all of her friends arrived to save her she basically was like, “Cool. Now I have all of you here, you can carry all these gems I found to my house for me.”

There was another big episode for her in the first season where she volunteered to make dresses for her friends who were going to a ball. What happened is something that happened to me once when I was “given an opportunity” two write some music for an event. I did what I thought would be appropriate for the occasion, as did Rarity did what she thought was appropriate. We were both happy with our creations. But then the recipients started to nitpick with what they wanted the end product to be. Rarity got asked by everyone if she could change her designs. This progressively got worse and worse. It got to the point where she wasn’t proud of her creations any more. I felt the same way with my music. My solution to the dilemma was to get a second opinion. Someone who I trusted and that they trusted as well. In the end we tweaked it to be similar to what I had done in the first place. In Rarity’s case the original dress were fine all along. I guess the moral of that story was that the customer is not always right. This sort of situation happens all the time in the film industry. There even used to be the Alan Smithy escape clause for these exact situations. I suggest you look into it and you’ll be surprised.

Of course no mention of Rarity would be complete without mentioning Spike the Dragon. He’s actually Twilight’s assistant and helps her out with her spells and paperwork. But why am I mentioning him in Rarity’s post?

Probably because of the massive crush he has on her.

I was trying to find a video from the show to demonstrate that and this was the best I could come up with. You try searching for “Spike and Rarity” and you will be horrified. Lets just say the slash paring fan art is strong with this one.

Everyone knows about the crush including Rarity herself and deep down I think Spike knows that it may not be a realistic. After all they’re all friends.

…and it’s still a kids show. There’s that.

So I think I managed to fudge my way through another day of Blaugust whist on a headache that could well be a migraine. I de finely need to relax and hope it wears off.

So until tomorrow,

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