13th of Blaugust – K – K’nex thing I won on Sunday

On Sunday night I was at Ultracade, which was kinda cool. It was a game themed night at the La Boheme Cocktail bar complete with gaming themed music and retro tournaments. I managed to come second in the Super Mario Kart tournament and so I managed to score this with compliments to Shin Tokyo.

It’s quite clearly a K’nex Mario Kart Wii motorcycle and because I was hard stretched to find something beginning with K to blog about it seemed to fit the mould. So I thought I would put it together step by step and you could all follow along.

Step 1: Put what clearly look like Lego bricks together.

Step 2: Add another layer of clearly-not-Lego bricks.

Step 3: Now we have some actual K’nex pieces. Make sure you attach that wheel good and proper!

Step 4: Attach giant moulded plastic bit to rear wheel bit. Don’t forget your exhaust pipe.

Step 5: Now we attach front wheel to the ready supplied front section. Attach front section to back. Don’t forget the handle bars.

Step 6: Put the Mario minifig-rip-off on your bike.

Step 7 (Not labeled as a step but it really should be): Attach your stickers and congratulations! You’re done!

All in all it wasn’t that hard to put together and felt more like Lego than a K’nex set. Is Lego really that popular that an already established toy brand has to rip them off?

Well that’s another one down. Tune in tomorrow where I discuss a new show that I’ve been really into of late.

5th of Blaugust – D – Dr Mario

Now It’s my turn to get lazy and do the bulk of my post in a YouTube video! I mean, go ‘New Media,’ and give you a video post. D clearly stood for Dr Mario. I show you how the game works and one of the hardest levels just to be a show off.

You will notice that I use the Super Nintendo version because it is clearly better, Thom!

Unfortunately I had to use an emulator as I discovered my unreliable video capture device that I hardly ever use because of how bad it is, has finally crapped itself and will refuse to work anymore. I guess I could go out at get another one but that would involve doing the video all over again. Also, my voice sounds funny because I am recovering from the Post-AVCon plague.

Check in tomorrow where I progress on to E. And there’s only one thing that can stand for…