Can’t talk now, I have to pack

The next few days are not going to have the greatest posts in the world. That’s because I have other things on my mind. I have to get ready to go on an overnight trip!

Late this Friday night I will be getting on a bus chartered to go to Melbourne overnight. It’s booked by the Port Adelaide Football Club’s Cheer Squad because the Power is playing Collingwoord on Saturday at the MCG. I’ve been on a few of these trips and whether they are a win or a loss, they usually turn out to be a fun time. I have to pack really light because everything is stored on the bus or on myself, so I can only take a backpack. Showers are few and far between so in this case it’s not important to bring a towel. Just a few spare shirts, socks and some extra clean underwear is all I need apart from my supporter gear and a few snacks for the bus ride.

It travels Friday night and returns on the Saturday evening where it stops in Ballarat for dinner and arrives in Adelaide at about 4 or 5 AM on the Sunday. That day is usually spent catching up on all the lost sleep. So I don’t think I’ll be busy Saturday but also only running on adrenaline.

Well anyway, I’ve got a bag to pack and another post to write and schedule. So until tomorrow,

Have fun and stay sexy!