Just a short one because my head hurts

Well, well, well.

I’m not feeling the greatest right now. I was at a football game. It didn’t end well to say the least. I have a bit of a headache, I’m eating pizza while watching a movie that I’m not really invested in. And all I really want to do is take a shower to feel fresher than I am. But I have this blog thing to write which I don’t really want to do because of the aforementioned headache. But I’ll probably do something more substantial tomorrow.

So until next time,

Have Fun and Stay Sexy!


A Windows 98 Kind of day

Today I finally have managed to get my Windows 98 computer going because last night I cleaned my desk. It is connected to one of my main PC monitors through the VGA port. It has it’s own separate keyboard and mouse which I keep under a monitor shelf. It makes things easy to use (at least when my desk is tidy). It’s also connected to a KVM switch which I can use to connect another older computer, but I don’t have space to keep it there permanently,

I appear to have misplaced my Office 97 CD’s so I don’t have Word on it, so WordPad is the way to go today. I will find it one day, but today is not the day for looking. I don’t have enough time or patience to turn this room upside down. I’ll probably just find a download of it when I’m on a more modern PC. So for the time being, I don’t have any spell check. I could check it all on my DOS computer easily enough though. Just onto a floppy it could go and run it through Word there.

In the meantime I’m trying to get a more modern browser installed. I’m trying to get the windows XP version of Chrome on it. It’s downloading through Firefox version which is the newest version of FIrefox that runs natively. I have the KernelEx plug in installed which is a compatibility layer to get newer software working on it. So Windows XP stuff should be very do-able. The download is just taking it’s sweet time. It tells me I have eight and a half minutes to go. I already tried the newest 32-bit version. It wanted a certain DLL file I didn’t have.

I actually intend to reinstall Win98 on this machine. I’m thinking of going with a Dual-Boot set-up with Windows 2000. This is all so I can get one game running that fits the hardware specs that I have in this machine but not the software ones. The Ubisoft title “Beyond Good and Evil” which I picked up at a Chashies for $1. I’ve heard great things about this game. But I am spec-restricted. I guess it could work with the KernelEx layer, but I want to be certain it works well.

This machine is a Pentium 4 3.0 GHz machine with 512 MB or RAM. It has a Geforce FX 5700LE. I have a Geforce 3 500 TI which is really good with Windows 98, but this gives me a better 3dMark 2001SE score and works with NGlide. NGlide is a compatibility layer for the 3dfx Voodoo Glide API which was what the Voodoo cards used to use. NGilide needs a card with native DIrectX 9 support which the Geforce FX series has, but not Geforce 4 and below.

Well, now my Chrome installer has finished downloading. And it doesn’t work. Poopies!

My Windows 98 Computer also has a SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 Card (Yes, the ! is a part of the name). I could have used an Audigy 2 ZS that I have, but it’s doesn’t have any DOS compatibility. This one does which means I could boot into DOS mode and have a SoundBlaster 16-like experience. There is also Sound Blaster 16 emulation when I run some stuff from within the Win98 DOS prompt. The OPL3 stuff doesn’t sound completely perfect, but it’s good enough. Probably on the level of DOSBOX sound emulation.

Oh well, that’s another day sorted. I have other things to do. Like slice the opening to the ad that says “Hellloooo…. Frank Walker from National Tiles” to the start of a song with sound bytes from the add in it. So until next time,

Have fun and Stay Sexy!


Today is a Crappy Day

Today for me is a crappy day.

I didn’t want to have to say it but now I have. And I didn’t feel any better for writing it down. You see, I woke up today and I felt like today wasn’t a good day, despite the weather being pretty good. But, for me, it felt like a bad day. I was originally thinking of doing a deep dive as to what makes a day good or bad but I thought I wouldn’t be able to do a good job of it because I’m not really feeling up to it.

I thought I’d distract myself by pulling out my Power Mac G4 to write on. That would give me something to write about and a slight change of environment. The last time I used it I was 100% certain it worked. But today it doesn’t want to power on. I’ve wasted my time and energy and all I have to show for it is a mess on the floor which I’m going to have to clean up. But my head hurts and I don’t want to.

I hadn’t eaten so I decided to throw in a frozen microwave butter chicken that I bought from the supermarket. I wasn’t expecting much but I’m desperate. It tasted ok enough but the rice was hard. Thanks a lot ALDI! But at least I have some energy so sit here and type.

I have a DJ set to prepare which I was originally going to do later tonight. But it feels like a struggle because my actual desktop PC has too many things on the desk which I have to move off to make it work. But it’s a struggle. EVERYTHING is a struggle. Even on good days it’s a struggle, but I’m able to cope better. Today is not one of those days. It’s one of those days where I’m fed up. I want to crawl back into bed and pretend today doesn’t exist. That any of my responsibility’s don’t matter. That there are no consequences for putting things off. I want to leave the mess on the floor. I want to put off my music planning. I want to throw this powermac out of the closed window. But there are consequences. I will trip over the mess which will get worse. I will have to deal with breaking that window I threw the computer out of. I will have to deal with tighter deadlines if I put the music set off.

But I just want to get rid of the headache I’ve brought on myself. I am In desperate need someone to help me and give me a hug.

So until next time,

Have fun and stay sexy!


Maybe it’s a connection issue

I did get the phone keyboard/AlphaSmart trick to work in the end. It turns out there is just a dodgy connection between the phone and the USB-C adaptor. I discovered this by plugging in a USB hub into it. There is an LED on the hub that lights up when it’s connected. Just the slightest bump and it doesn’t work. So the adaptor has to be absolutely in the right place and the phone needs to be perfectly still. I think it’s just more reliable when it’s just a flash drive because there’s no cables to tug on. So, not the perfect solution, but it can be done with what I have. I guess copying while on a moving bus is probably out of the question but doing it while sitting at a table is possible.

There was something else last night that I couldn’t get to work either. I had started reading a book about Disney during the Renaissance period. Not the historical Renaissance period, but the Renaissance of Disney in the 90’s. I wanted to lie in bet and read it to classic Disney tunes in the background. My DIsney song collection was on a portable Hard Drive which I wanted to copy to my file server, an old Pentium 4 PC running Open Media Vault (A Linux based NAS OS). It works by SMB file sharing which is the way Windows does shared folders. SO I fire up my server, turn on a PC connected to my TV. Plug in my Hard Drive and go to access my network share.

It’s not being detected. Poopies!

Now the PC had recently had a new OS put on it because of issues with the old one. It’s running Antergos Linux which is an Arch Linux variant. Because it is a new install I assume that this is the culprit. So I try configuring as many things on this PC as possible. It doesn’t have the SMB client set up at all (which was still an issue). But after I think I have that all installed, I still get nothing detected. Eventually I try to connect to it with another tried and true method. My tablet. This is how I play lots of my music. I open VLC and try to use that apps inbuilt Network feature to find the machine.

It’s not being detected. Poopies!

At this point I think it’s the file server that is the issue. Probably an automatic software update has messed with the settings or it’s a DHCP problem.

But by this point I have spent to much time trying to fix a problem and not enough time reading the book I wanted to. So I give up and read in silence because it’s getting late anyway.

You see, years ago, when I had a different modem router, the only way to map IP addresses to a device was to use the router to reserve them with the devices MAC address. Then every device still uses DHCP but gets the right IP address so it’s the same every time. The modem router I’m using doesn’t do it that way. But it does give it the same address it previously had if it hasn’t been given to something else. So it’s always had the same IP address from when I changed routers. But there was a problem with the router and the internet connection. Which was solved by doing a factory reset of the router. So I’m thinking at the time that the factory reset might have forced the router to give my server a new IP address. This would be annoying as the only way I can think from the top of my head to check the IP address is to do an ifconfig on a headless server with a million things placed on top of it and no easy way to plug in a monitor (although in hindsight, I think I could so the same thing from signing into my router because it gives me a map of everything connected). But it’s late. I’m reading and I’m going to sleep soon.

But then when I wake up it finally hits me. I didn’t plug the damn eternet cable back in!

Before the factory reset, I unplugged the router with the hope of changing it for another one by taking it to the store. When it was brought back to the house, I had only plugged in the essentials to see if it was working. My PC and a switch to another room. I never plugged it back in to see if it worked.

And now it works. At least I have that linux PC working with it now too. So that was the added benefit.

So I guess that’s two cases of something not being plugged in properly causing something to not work. I think I have to hand my geek licence back in if it happens a third time.

But I don’t care because I can play Disney music anywhere on my network to my hearts content.

So until next time,

Have Fun and Stay Sexy!


A Failed Experiment But Still Lots of Fun

Today I’m typing an my AlphaSmart Neo. A device that was designed for education but I have paired down to a distraction free typing machine. This has been its most useful purpose for this thing. I found it in an Op Shop for what I think was around $5. It has a keyboard and an LCD screen. The strange thing is that there have been Kickstarters for very similar devices with a hefty price tag. I do have a criticism that it could do with some extra height, but I have some rubber feet that have solved that in part that I have attached to the bottom. It also doesn’t have the greatest keys but I have used Laptop keyboards that are way worse.

What I was hoping to do was a trick with my Phone and this thing. You see, the way that you get the text off of an AlphaSmart Neo (at least for the USB version) is to plug it into a PC. Then it’s recognised as a USB keyboard. There’s a setting on the device to output the text which the Neo just types really quickly. It’s really cool watching it do it’s thing.

You have to admit this is pretty amazing!

What I was hoping to do was to plug it into my phone with a USB-C to USB adaptor. Then it would be possible to dump the text that way meaning it would be easy to make blog posts out of the house. Just my phone and a steady internet signal would be all I needed. But sadly, it doesn’t work. Not even a regular USB keyboard works. But I am able to get my phone to work with a USB flash drive. That’s a cool way to transfer files easily without a PC. So the $14 spent on the adaptors weren’t completely wasted after all. But it has been proven to work with other Android phones. Just not mine for some reason.

Well at least I’ve had fun with it. So until next time,

Have Fun and Stay Sexy!


I Ain’t Getting Any Younger!

Now I’ve got something that is even more familiar to me, but not quite at the same time. I’m using Microsoft Word 6.1 for Windows 3.x. It’s very similar to Word 2.0 which was what I had on the old 486 back in the day. It has spell check but whenever there it a typo, there are no red wiggly lines and there is no major auto-correct (Except for the occasional capital letter ones). So it makes it pretty much perfect as a distraction free writing application. It also uses common keyboard shortcuts that are around today like WordPad for Windows 95. It did have a horrible installation process though. You can’t just extract each floppy into one whole folder because it starts looking for individual folders for each disk. So I worked around it by copying everything to a C:\DISK2 folder like it was asking for. Then I copied it to a C:\DISK3. But I just renamed the C:\DISK2 folder to C:\DISK4 and alternated them until I got up to C:\DISK9 which was the last. If I want to do this again for my 486, I better just extract the disks into the individual folders. Talk about a rough time for an install.

So I was thinking as I was in the shower today, “Jeez, I’m getting old!” It’s something we’re all going to have to deal with and I doubt anyone is actually ready for that. But I don’t feel ready for it. I tend to mix with people younger than me and when I mention I’m the age that I am (31 in this case) I still get people who are surprised and think I am younger than that. I don’t know if it will stay that way forever, me looking that bit younger than people think I am but still getting older, or if I will suddenly have a moment of droopiness. But I have noticed it at times.

I’ll let you in on a secret. I colour my hair. I’ve been doing it for about six months now. It’s because I was noticing more and more grey hairs. They were usually individual strands. But they have been multiplying and I have received some comments. I am the shade of “Light Ask Brown” which is the colour code of 6A in the Clairol line of hair colour. I’ve only coloured it twice, but it is definitely time for a touch up job. It probably has been for a few weeks now. Maybe I’ll do it later in the week because while it’s not an extreme process, it does take some time which I have to set aside.

I have also been noticing skin blemishes. Generally just spots and marks. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve been looking and they’ve always been there or if they have actually been growing. But they are there.

But it does kinda make me think. I’m growing older. It’s something I have to deal with but not something I have to accept. I don’t want to fall into old people clothes without thinking but I don’t want to look stupid in things that are too childish. I feel there’s a huge difference between having a young attitude and being immature. I guess this is the thing that coins the term “mid-life crisis” even thought I feel like 31 definitely isn’t the time for it. I don’t want to grow up today. I want to go watch a Disney movie instead.

So until next time,

Have fun and stay sexy!


Playing DJ sets – I Love it and Hate it!

Toady I’m using Windows 95. I’m just using WordPad to write text. Finally I have some keyboard shortcuts that I’m familiar with. Using Crtl+A I can select all the text. That doesn’t work in the Win 3.11 version of Write and it certainly doesn’t work in DOS Word. It doesn’t even work in the Win95 version of Notepad.

I like to do music related stuff all the time. And the music thing I have been doing a lot lately has been DJing at a bar before some Port Adelaide games that my friends go to. We’re all in a supporters group but it is really more of a friendship circle to be honest. But before each game we have an agreement with a bar to hold a pre-game meetup. There is a bit of promotion around it but we really aim to it to have fun. I decided to play some music one day just to have some fun and kinda liked it. Everybody liked it. I was the first to do it as someone else who really is a DJ played at the first pregame we did at this venue.

I did it again at the final which made it a highlight and everyone loved it. So I thought I’d so it more frequently this year. The plan was to do just a few to make them stand out. But that has branched out to many more.

The original plan was to do just four:

March 14 – Round 1 Against Fremantle
April 21 – Round 5 Against Geelong
July 7 – Round 16 Against St Kilda
August 11 – Round 21 Against West Coast

There were some maybes like the last round which was based on time as well as a few in the middle which was based on how I was feeling as well as crowd numbers.

So I also have done:

June 14 – Round 13 Against Western Bulldogs
June 22 – Round 22 Against Melbourne

And I also plan to do August 24th against Essendon in round 23.

So I’ve gone from 4 with a possible 5th to at least 7 with the possibility of home finals.

I’ve enjoyed it but also haven’t at the same time. It’s nice to be enjoyed but I’m getting harassed in the weeks off or leading up to rounds where I have or haven’t gotten anything planned. Some people ask if I’m doing anything or just assume that I’m playing. Some get annoyed when I’m not playing. Some even bug me to go up and play when I’m certainly not going to. I also get the occasional person who tries to get me so play a request which I have to politely tell then “no” to. I even had someone ask to plug in their phone to play tracks on and told me I was shit when I refused before leaving. Those kinds of people can just get stuffed in my opinion. I have someone who likes to tell me when I’m playing a song they don’t like to hear and tries to get me to play something else.

You’ll notice that none of my sets are planned around the Showdown games against Adelaide. There’s a good reason for that. I just don’t want to deal with the hassle of it. I tried doing a set last year at the Crows home game Showdown and it was a complete nightmare that resulted in me wasting time in preparation, being jerked around on the day and not do anything in the end. I also get the impression that the bar staff are uneasy with music at these games, especially the Port Away game because of supporter bases mixing. I don’t want to be put in a difficult situation with the bar staff so I have washed my hands from these games. These two games are also stressful enough for me that I don’t want the added hassle of organising it in advance. Some people just really know about the prep work that I have to go through.

Because I have got a football game to go to afterward, I can’t just bring a laptop or even a tablet because I have nowhere to store it at the game itself. I haven’t asked if I can leave stuff at the bar but if I do I have to go back and collect it. So my set-up in a DJ app on my phone. Those people who DJ with there iPad have got it easy in comparison because using the same app on a phone makes all the sliders way more fidilly. I also have to have an external battery because this is my personal phone I’m using so it still needs to have battery before and after the game. That means the batter has to be charged. So it’s another thing that I have to have sorted in advance with the right cable to link to the phone, something else I could leave behind. I need to have all my music ready and on my phone in an accessible format and be wary of my storage limitations because I’m using a frigging phone. So when people come and ask for a track to be played and I say “I don’t have it,” that’s because I probably don’t. Then there’s the fact that because it’s a phone, I have to be aware that I could get actual phone calls. So I have to remember to stick the thing on Airline mode before I start. So I can get a bit frazzled before I actually start and have to be in the right frame of mind so I don’t mess up. So all of you who come up to me and say “you should start playing now,” I know you mean well, but I have got a dozen things to get ready in the meantime so I need some clear headspace. I already have a range of pre-performance nerves when it comes to playing the right music and not making a fool out of myself. I really don’t want to have any more of those nerves added to it.

Yet, I still enjoy doing it because when everything is going well then everything is going really well. I don’t want to sound too ungrateful. I will keep doing it as long as I keep enjoying it. But I want to keep enjoying it. I don’t want it to be a chore or an expectation. Because I won’t keep doing it if that’s the case. It’s not something I want to do because these are my friends I have to say no to. It could get difficult if I have to put my foot down.

But moving forward I feel like I do have to set and re-enforce some boundaries because I think the ones that I set at the start of the year have been forgotten. Hopefully if they are my friends then they will understand.

So until next time,

Have fun and stay sexy,


Just a bit about my 486

This is being written in a nice little DOS text environment that I managed to get working pretty well. Microsoft Word! Specifically it’s Word version 5.5 for DOS. I couldn’t tell you the exact year it was released but I assume it was around 1991. It looks very similar to DOS edit but it has word wrap, a word count, spell check and a Thesaurus. It is also running in a graphical mode so I get a mouse cursor which is an actual arrow. I also have the ability to have bold, italics and underlined text working. Even though it uses the same font as the DOS command line. But it’s so early that there’s no autocorrect. But that wasn’t an issue until Word for windows 95. Probably for Word 6 for Windows 3.1 and up. I do remember there being no red squiggly lines on Word for Windows 2.0 which was the one I had for the family 486 PC as well as my old 386 with a tiny hard drive that I had in my bedroom.

So what exactly am I writing this on? I’m writing this on a 486 all-in-one that I found lying face down next to a skip. I thought it was a CRT monitor until I saw the ports coming out of the back of it. Then I thought it was a beige 90’s Apple Macintosh all-in-one. But no, it’s a Philips branded PC with two 16-bit ISA slots and two 8-bit ones.

(Yeah, if you haven’t worked it out by now, I’m just going to spend today writing about old computing.)

This PC came with a Jazz 16 sound card. But I swapped it out with a Creative Vibra 16 card. The same one that was in the family 486. It also came with a network card but I swapped that one out too. I whacked a 3Com Etherlink II card in there. I believe it’s just a 10 megabit card. It came with a 512 MB hard drive with Windows 95. It ran like trash on the 60 Mhz CPU. So I got MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11 on in as well as a 20 GB hard drive. It only uses a 2 GB partition but that is the largest that MS-DOS will allow. I have a 1 GB drive that I might whack in there instead one day.

The BIOS wouldn’t actually allow me to put in the right settings for the hard drive because of how old it is. So I found a work around. It has Western Digital EZ drive software installed (which I think is what it’s called). It is something that I think goes into the Master Boot Record of the drive that lets the BIOS load the right drive settings of heads, cylinders and what ever else it requires.

I also has the swap out the Floppy and CD drives. The floppy was broken and the CD drive worked but was 2x speed which wouldn’t work with burned discs. So there’s a DVD ROM drive in there now. It’s overkill but it works which was all I wanted for the time being. The floppy on the other hand, was much more trickier because of the was it’s meant to fit in the PC. The plastic was a hole for the slot and a hole for the eject button. The eject button wouldn’t line up with the hole. I eventually found a drive that was close and had to file the hole slightly bigger just so it would fit.

It turns out I swapped almost every part that could be swapped. I did leave the original 36 MB of RAM in it. I think they were 72 pin simms. Definitely before SD ram was a thing.

I could find practically nothing on this PC online. All I could find was a forum post about Philips branded PC’s and a spec for the SIS chipset. I believe the motherboard was something called a Green PC which could be purchased by SIS and placed into various different systems. Either that or that’s just the chipset. It also has a Cirrus Logic onboard video chip which is actually pretty good for DOS stuff. DOS didn’t really need really powerful graphics cards back then. It can do the 2nd Reality demo pretty damn well which more “modern” cards can’t do properly.

So, back to Word for DOS. I has customised the colour scheme because whilst the default is easy on the eye strain, it’s pretty garish. The old greyish white text on a blue background, just like DOS Edit. But I changed to a black background with grey and black menu bars. I couldn’t set the text colour but it automatically changes it to bright white. It gives it a really old school feel like a DOS prompt. I tried a white background with black text but it didn’t look as good as I hoped. It really makes it more of a strain to see.

So yeah, that’s my oldest working computer. A 486 all-in-one that is as close to my family’s old 486 PC as possible. And what am I doing on it? Basic text manipulation in DOS. So until next time,

Have fun and stay sexy,


Just a lazy one today

Today I’m just doing this on my phone and I’m just seeing if I can do it by talking using the text to speech.

Surprisingly this works very well. There is a lot of noise going around me but it seems to br picking up ok. There is the occasional messed up word and it doesn’t seem too do sentences very well but on the whole it seems to be doing a good job.

I’m sitting in the food court and there are children everywhere. but that doesn’t mind me right now because I have the most amazing Japanese thing to eat for lunch or dinner or whatever of this meal time is. When breakfast is Hughes with lunch it’s brunch but is there an equivalent for lunch use with dinner?

well whatever time appropriate name for this meal is, I am eating chicken cutlets with rice. It’s from a tonkotsu restaurant I’ve always wanted to try but has never been open when I’m here. But I’m here earlier so now it is open. It’s not the cheapest but at least it tastes nice. There are these two dipping sauces which taste ok. One of them is better than the other.

Well I don’t really have much more to say because my food is getting cold. Just cause more just a test to see if I can talk blog posts into my phone, which I can. I just have to be wary of doing the punctuation myself. So until next time,

Have fun and stay sexy!


My Decline of Social Media

You know what, I was wondering if I could find a DOS text editor that had black text on a white background. I then discovered that you could change the clolours on DOS Edit, the stock editor. But then I found out that it couldn’t word wrap so that turned out to be useless for writing long amounts of text for me. So it’s back into Windows 3.11 (yeah… I realisied I said 3.1 by mistake yesterday having been used to that being the Windows environment I grew up with). Just using Notepad this time. It’s not as pretty as alot of text editors I’ve used, but at least it wraps text and is a step up from DOS Edit. I know there has to be something that suits what I’d want in a DOS text editor. I know George R.R. Martin still uses Wordstar 4 to write his books in. That probably explains why he’s taking so long. He’s still waiting for his PC to boot up but is caught on something in his CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT files.

So todays real topic that I really wanted to write about. Social media! More specificly my drop off from using facebook so much compared to how I used to.

There was a time when the only way I could use facebook was through the website. It hadn’t really implemented posting that early on. In the early days it said “Insert Name Here is” and then you completed the sentence. But then it changed to the way that we know it now.

There was a time when I didn’t use facebook at all. I’d disabled my account entirely. That’s when I was in the fantasy land that I’d enjoy working in education. I didn’t want students looking me up and finding out about thing that I did. I didn’t want employers seeing it either. I thought the only way to not get messed up in it was to not have an account.

But when I finally decided that teaching was not for me, I reactivated it. And my god, did I lean into it HARD. Apps had come out for phones and tablets. It was possible to post whereever as long as your phone was good enough. My phone was garbage but my new tablet wasn’t. I even got a better phone that used facebook relaiably whenever I was out of the house. Like, that was the main reason I wanted a better phone at the time.

But with time I kinda got annoyed of it. It was nice having a better knowlege of what was going on around me with friends and aquaintences. Facebook groups are great when they’re used well but they can be both a blessing and a curse at times. Every time a comment was made on a post my phone would make a sound telling me. It didn’t matter the time or day or night. I was getting interrupted or woken up by facebook.

It got to the point where I had to mute those notification sounds. If only so I could sleep soundly. But it had another positive which I didn’t realise at the time. I was looking at my phone every damn time the notifications happened. I wasn’t doing that anymore. Instead I’d look at facebook updates on my own terms intead of like the trained monkey I had turned myself into. I found myself getting less involved in drama and arguments.

Nowdays I find myself muting plenty of groups that I’m in from showing up in my feed or notifying me. There are a few that I haven’t done that with. One is a group of friends that organise stuff that we do through that facebook group. It’s kinda the main reason I’m still on there. Not having facebook today, at least for my genraition and back, tends to keep you out of the loop. Out of social circles. You miss out on party invites and social gatherings purely because you might not get invited to someones party. In a sense that is also partially the fault of people who don’t tell others face to face or invite people any other way. But that takes effort. Facebook is easy so that’s what people use.

So I don’t feel like I’ll disable it like I had in the past. But I am certainly using it less and less. A few times I’ve just decided to have stints where I’ve logged out of facebook altogether. The notifications stop and it’s pretty blissful. When I turned it off during AVCon weekend I found it to be great not tempting myself to look for things that could trigger me about stuff in the past. But I did suprise myself how often I would pull my phone out in dead times and tap that blue app icon without thinking only to find that I wasn’t signed in. I ended up turning to reddit as my scrolly “hey look at these pictures” time waster app instead. I know it’s still a form of social media but at least you can fine tune it to only show things that are relevent to your interests as well as being posts by people you don’t really know.

Well, back to this computer I’m typing on. It’s is a real noise machine. There’s three fans it and one of them I had to disable last night. That was the one in the hard drive bay. There’s is one on the cpu cooler and another in the power supply. And that PSU fan maked the whole machine sound like a jet engine. I would be curious if I could swap it out for a fanless PSU. It has the ability to work with more moden ATX power supply or older AT ones like the one that is in there right now. I still like the idea of an AT style setup so I can have a toggle power switch. You can get ATX to AT adaptors for that sort of thing. So I guess a quiet CPU in here is a very acheivable goal.

Well I’m done typing for this post. Noteoad has no spellcheck. YOu get my bad spelling again. I tried to proof read as much as I could. So until next time,

Have fun and stay sexy,