An excuse to post is HOVERing above me

Well it’s me from the past writing Saturday’s post on a Friday. A few hours have past since my teeny tiny Friday post. I have packed my bag and had a shower. That is all I’ve really done but there was one other thing.

I suddenly remembered a game that came with the Windows 95 CD called hover. I thought it would be nice to get it running and see how that game worked again. It’s a simple game where you’re driving in a hovercraft (probably just an excuse for bad floaty driving mechanics) collecting flags against an AI hovercraft that is doing the same. There are power-ups and booby traps throughout the map including speed-ups, slow-downs, jumping springs, walls you can place, a cloaking device and an electrical shock that will temporarily break your map radar.

When you open the program it tells you that the game doesn’t run well in anything that isn’t 256-colour mode. And, you know what, it’s not right about that. It runs slower in true colour mode even if it doesn’t have any extra colours. There are options to speed up the game by decreasing the graphics, but it’s best just to whack the screen into 256 colours, copy the game to the hard drive and turn the graphics onto best quality for the best experience.

It’s not the most technical game but it’s a good time waster like that pinball game that was on Windows 2000, ME and XP. So until tomorrow,

Have fun and stay sexy!