A strange night out…

Well, how does one describe what happened last night?… It’s the morning after if that’s any help… no?… well then I’ll just start from the top…

I got invited to this party, and well, I’d been looking forward to it all week! It was going to have it all…… drinking, dancing, socialising, getting to “know” people (up close)… I had spent all day at a rehearsal and a performance. The whole time I was thinking to myself “Come on! Finsih up already! I could be drunk by now!”

Finally I got there. “I’m at the door! It’s all happening people!” I get my name checked off the list. Then someone tells me “Jesus, why’s everyone rocking up late? You’re one of the first guys here!” My confidence soared even further. “Wow, one of the first guys!, this is going to be SWEET!”

Well I go in, I’m listening to the sound of Green Day blaring through the house… “this is not a good sign people” …… Not only is there EMO music being played, but there’s hardly anyone here.

The Green Day went on for AGES! I swear it must have been on a loop! I ended up hearing “American Idiot” at least four times before they put real party music on! I know I shouldn’t have arguments over peoples taste in music, but it just doesn’t set the right atmosphere that the party really needed. Some rhythm to dance to and some beats you can shake your hips to!

Many more guys came… slowly… but soon it became a giant blokes social! What made it worse is that all the guys started playing POKER! So Un-Party atmosphere! Especially ’cause they left the lights on so they could see the cards!

In the end it never ended up hotting up at all, and in the end it was more of a gathering of friends than a party! My problem was I never went to school with anybody there, and they all went to the same school as well, so THEY all knew each other!

Still, I did end up getting pretty Smashed! So I was still pleased… not excited… just pleased with going out and socialising…

Maybe I just had some high expectations for last night or something… It probably didn’t help that all the people I remotely knew didn’t end up showing up! But there’s bound to me much more partying to be done! I have CAT EMPIRE coming up at the end of the month! And then there might be more celebrating of the end of exams for this year!

So this guy KEEPING his Partying Spirit for the next BIG ONE!

Keep Smiling