A Return from Melbourne and a Return to Myself

Well I’m back from my trip. I managed to somehow enjoy myself despite the team losing badly. It’s still a great bonding experience travelling as a group and hanging out with people who know. Some who live in Melbourne that you like saying hi to and others you don’t get to sit with at Adelaide who you get to see more of.

But like every overnight bus trip I end up really wanting the comfort of my own bed by the time I’m about to get home. Sleeping on a bus seat with hardly any leg room whilst wearing the same clothes for days when you haven’t showered is the same length of time can get you feeling really icky. So as I force myself out of bed late in the afternoon, It’s important for me to go through the rejuvenating process. I’ve done this so many times that I have it all mapped out.

It’s best to not have anything on during the next day. I’ve had times when I’ve gone to stuff, but that’s the exception and not the norm. I even know people who have less than three hours sleep and go to work in the morning. I couldn’t possible do that.

I get myself some caffeine and head straight for the shower. In this case it’s a can of energy drink which I drink whist I’m actually in the shower. It stays on a self clear from the water stream, soap suds or water run-off. That way I can wake up whist I wash my days of gunk away. I even have a stool in the shower so I don’t have to stand.

For me, it’s important to get my hair back into shape so it gets a good shampoo and conditioning. My hair gets ridiculous by the end of the trip. There are tangles galore. You think bed hair is bad? Well you should try bus-trip hair. I forgot to pack a hairbrush which I thought would improve things mid trip but I only just thought of it at the last minute.

After the long shower session it’s time for my to dry off and do the last minute bathroom things including giving my hair a blow dry. This isn’t essential but the weather has been cold so I wanted to feel nice and warm. This is important because after I get myself dress I have to leave the house.

Why am I leaving the house when I’m not feeling the freshest? Because it’s time for some nice comfort food. Sometimes I’ll get a curry or some Nandos, but today I am in desperate need of some bonus restoration. It’s time for the big guns. I need a Yiros. Whatever the food is, I make sure it’s something really warm, filling and extra comforting. This isn’t just food. This is a pick me up. And there’s no way I’m making any food today. I could even get it delivered if I’m really needy. But the walk outside also does me good. It forces me to stretch my legs, get some fresh air and realise that the world is continuing and I should too.

But then I get home and take it really easy after that point. In my case today, it’s the point I started writing this post. But after I’m done (at about 7:45 PM) it will be a case of lying in bed and watching something on the computer. It could be some YouTube stuff, some TV shows, a movie or a bit of everything. I might even have some icecream to go with it. But after wrapping up the day and another long sleep, I will be back to my usual functioning self again. So until next time,

Have fun and stay sexy!


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