A Case for a new Case

I’m having one of those forgetful days today. It’s almost 6PM and I haven’t made a post at all. Just as I was going to leave the house too. Oh well, I guess I could tell you about other computer ideas I have, but for my modern PC.

I was checking something in the internals of my computer case. I had noticed two things. My optical drive was screwed and I hasn’t plugged one of my CPU fans in properly. So if I was going to plug that fan into the right pins so it could work as it should (my heatsink was so good that it didn’t affect anything and it was only the secondary fan in a tower cooler), then I may as well take the faulty bluray drive out. I don’t have any bluray disks anyway, and I have a USB DVD writer if I need disk access (which I’ve been using anyway). So I thought it would be great to just put the face plate back.

That was when the plastic clip snapped, making it impossible to keep the face plate in place.

In the mean time, it’s being held in place with duct tape, but not very well. Any slight piece of pressure and that face plate will fall right off. So as a more permanent solution, either I need something else to put in it’s place or a new case entirely.

I like the idea of a new case to be honest. This was never the one I originally wanted when building my machine. It was just that the one I wanted wasn’t in stock. It only has one USB 3.0 port and one USB 2.0 port. But it still uses the plug required for two of each. This makes it hard to add USB expansion bay without getting an external card for more USB 3.0 ports or not having the single one connected. It’s crappy. But I’ve already got a new set of 3 120mm fans for the case which I would hope to put in a new one if I wanted to.

The old case also has another drawback that I don’t like. The ventilation in the top. It’s just a set of large mesh holes the size of a DVD case with no fan mounts. This means it is really easy to fry my machine if I spill water on top of the case. It also makes the machine really loud as there is no sound filtering.

I still have the option of just slapping a new optical drive in it or get a USB expansion bay with a USB 3.0 card, but the more I type this, the more I just want a nice new case. It needs to have the following things.

5.25 Drive Bays
Two USB 3.0 ports (or none at all to just use a face plate instead)
2.5 inch and 3.5 inch drive slots (for my SSD and HD)
Mounts for 120mm fans
No power supply is required (or I’ll just steal it for another project)
No clear windows or flashy leds (except for the power and HD if necessary)
Elegant (this is subjective, but I don’t want something that looks stupid)
A reasonable price (nothing over $100 dollars and preferably something way less)

At this rate of researching though, I think I have come to the conclusion that it might be better just spending $20 on a DVD drive and being done with it. Perhaps finding a way to cover up the top ventilation holes or mounting fans to it. That’s because I can’t seem to find the perfect case. I can get ones that are close, but to similar to what I already have to not justify getting another one. I may just have another optical drive lying around so I won’t even have to spend any money at all.

So until next time,

Have fun and stay sexy!