5th of Blaugust – D – Dr Mario

Now It’s my turn to get lazy and do the bulk of my post in a YouTube video! I mean, go ‘New Media,’ and give you a video post. D clearly stood for Dr Mario. I show you how the game works and one of the hardest levels just to be a show off.

You will notice that I use the Super Nintendo version because it is clearly better, Thom!

Unfortunately I had to use an emulator as I discovered my unreliable video capture device that I hardly ever use because of how bad it is, has finally crapped itself and will refuse to work anymore. I guess I could go out at get another one but that would involve doing the video all over again. Also, my voice sounds funny because I am recovering from the Post-AVCon plague.

Check in tomorrow where I progress on to E. And there’s only one thing that can stand for…