September Goals

I’m drinking an awesome tea right now! It’s called “Yoga Ayurvedic Blend” and is basically a chai. Depending on various schools of thought, it could be classed as a tea, or it couldn’t. It doesn’t contain any tea leaves but it does contain leaves. Blackberry leaves and stinging nettle. If you consider tea as the pouring of how water on top of leaves, then it’s a tea. If you disagree with that, then it’s a tisane or “herbal tea” as it’s commonly referred to.

So it’s the start of another month, which means it’s goal setting time again. Let’s see what I can come up with.

Money – Career

  • Finish Test and Tag website – I need photos.
  • Set up MYOB invoicing on my work laptop.
  • Design business cards. Draft copy and save up money to print them.

Health and Well-being

  • Keep getting enough sleep and wake no later than 11 AM.
  • Cook one healthy meal a week.
  • Maintain weekly active walking cycle. Either through work or leisure.
  • Two blog posts a week.
  • Start work on PAFC supporter flags. Both Magpies and Power. (Long Term Goal)

Lifestyle and Relationships

  • Neko Nation is on the 17th – Finish set and have an awesome time.
  • Play more Games. Monday is the day for that.
  • Attend social stuff by choice, not obligation.

Habit to break or Change

  • Clean and maintain my Living Area

A lot of it is the same as the previous month. Stuff I didn’t get sorted. Now it’s time to buckle down and put more attention on it.

Well this is a short post. It ain’t Blaugust and I want to rest for a bit.

Peace Out!