Blaugust is back bitches!

Well I’m back and the month of Blaugust is just around the corner. So it’s time to get ready!

You’ll notice that I’m no longer at blogspot and now have a new home on my own sub-domain. I already have the hosting and the domain name. WordPress is easy to install so why not migrate? An XML export and import and my old posts are set up in less than a minute.

So what am I getting up to this year? No system again. That alphabet journey in 2014 was hell so I ain’t doing that again. But there might be a loose weekly system I’ll uphold.

For example, thew Ponies are back from mid-season hiatus on the 31st of July. So I might do some weekly episode reviews. You’ll have no idea what I’m on about unless you bothered to remember my pony filled journey of last year. Well it’s plenty of content on a rehashed idea. What could possibly go wrong.

I have still got some Eurovision things I can still tell you all about.

You can learn all about my life. I may even tell you a tale from my past.

I could always just do some streaming and embed the archives. That’s totally not cheating at all.

The will also be at least one quiz. There has to be by the decree of Thom the Pope.

I don’t know what’s going to happen but It’ll definitely be a fun ride.

So until Blaugust begins propper,

Have Fun and Stay Sexy!