K-ON! Episode 1 – The Moe-Music begins!

Kyoto Animation has a new Moe-Blob show. Sure, it may not be the new series of Suzumiya Haruhi but it’s still worth watching for the studio alone. KyoAni’s shows have been known for their huge success, and K-ON! is another of those (judging from the first episode anyway).

Well, K-ON is about a high school music club that’s just got enough members to avoid suspension. Only problem is, they aren’t exactly any good at their instruments, one girl can’t even play anything at all.

This scene made me scream out in laughter!

Episode 1 pretty much introduces us to the four main characters. Yui is the main girl. She’s forgetful, energetinc and constantly daydreaming (kinda reminds me of Osaka form Azumanga Daioh). She only wants to join the light-music club because she thinks it would only be whistling and playing the castinets. Instead she’s going to play the guitar.

The other three girls. Mio on Bass, Ritsu on Drums and Tsumugi on Keys.

So far the show hasn’t deveolped, it’s only the first ep. But the concept is definitely there. I’ll keep watching and reviewing too. KyoAni always delivers reliable shows. I’ll be in Sydney next week with no internet, but I’ll definately be back on sunday night to catch up. Hopefully you’ll read my ramblings next week.