Rewind: Doruro-chan – Mmmmmm… Psycho Girl!

And once again it’s been a while between posts, but yeah… I’ve been busy playing Braid and Castle Crashers so you can forgive me for my laziness…

…because I saw something so that I had to tell you all about!

I was stumbling though the AMV universe and found this series scattered a few of the larger vids and my curiosity was twitched. It was a show so shocking, so sick, so perverted that I had to see it!

It was “Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan” and (lets be honest) it’s just as bad as my Battle Club addiction…

This guy, Sakura Kusakabe, is destined to create a Pedophiles Paradise by stopping all girls from aging once they reach the age of 12. This angers the gods ’cause he’s accidentally made all girls immortal. So they sent the Club-To-Death Angel “Dokuro-chan” to the past to club him to death. Only, Doruko-chan falls for him and tries to stop him from inventing immortality by living with him. Problem is, she keeps killing him when she gets angry. So it’s lucky she also has the power to bring him back to life!

But the story’s irrelevant! You just have to watch it for it’s gruesome fatalities and shock humor! Not to mention the fanservice fanservice fanservice fanservice fanservice FANSERVICE!!!!!!!

BTW, Dokuro-chan is a fucking psycho! Not only is she clubbing her massive crush with her trusty “Excalibolg”, she’s also transforming her enemies into animals and enjoying her favorite activity. Watching wood-glue dry. She even started an after school club for the sport (wait, what?) after torturing her teacher using the nerves of his teeth…

Oh, and if you haven’t realized by now, it’s graphic! Über-graphic! So there’s your warning for the kiddies which means I’m all over this series! Go watch it! It’s not very long!

Do IT! DO IT NOW!!!!

Rewind: Midori Days… what the hell is that?

You know what? It’s just been WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long for me to not post anything! Don’t get me wrong, having a picture of Nyu on my homepage is good and all but it’s time for something new. And that means something old!

It’s actually not that old but not exactly new either. Hell, the Anime isn’t even in widescreen as most of them are now (buy the way, my spell checker wants me to change that word to windscreen!). Well anyway WHAT THE FUCK IS Midori Days?

That’s what people always ask me when they see it. Let’s be honest now, it’s a STUPID TITLE! And trust me, a story like this one could only ever come out of Japan…

Seiji Sawamura is a 17 year guy that can’t get a girlfriend, it’s so bad that he thinks the only girlfriend he could get is his right hand (nudge nudge).

Then for no reason this girl (named Midori) appears who’s had a huge crush on him… there’s only one problem, the girl is actually ON HIS RIGHT HAND!!!!

Now this were I have to stop and point a few things out. This was originally a Manga, and then there was an Anime made of it. Both are the same concept but essentially done in different ways.

Firast of all THE ANIME:

The Anime is actually very funny and entertaining, almost all of the story is taken from parts of the Manga and reordered to make it work in a different way. For example most episodes could contain more than one story from the Manga but all are centered around a particular minor character. There is a girl in Seiji’s class that starts to like him yet all her attempts to get his attention fail. This was condensed heavily in the Anime yet it’s still the major sidestory. One other character that has a prominent role in the Anime is Takamizawa, a figurine collecting maniac (with no life, he actually kind of reminds me of a 23 y.o. guy who calls himself Rasberry) that finds out about Midori, starts a Midori website and sells Midori hand puppets at an anime convention…

In the end it’s a romantic comedy, and (unlike the Manga) the Anime spends more time on the romance and treats the story with a level of innocence and respect……

….but now we get to THE MANGA:

This story is just fucked up and all out HILARIOUS. Yes, there’s the same stuff from the Anime but sweet and innocent is something The Manga is DEFINITELY NOT! There’s even alot more story in this. However this is the stuff that was not cute enough for the Anime.

Plus there’s more characters and development of the existing ones. For starters Midoris childhood friend has a crush on Seiji to create some awkward moments. There’s a US exchange student (only there for fanservice) who has a crush on Seiji (and he thinks he has girl problems). And most of all theres a mad scientist who wants to cut Midori off Seiji’s arm but his daughter won’t let him because SHE has a crush on MIDORI! There’s also a whole pile of cross dressing and way more sus moments!

Now, I read the manga first and I thought the whole story was fucked up! Then I saw the Anime which was good, but in a completely different way. So much that it felt like a completely different series. This is completely different to something like the Deathnote Anime and Manga or the Haruhi Suzumiya Light Novels and Anime. Both the written and animated versions have the same feel to the point where they are exchangeable for each other.

So because of their differences I can not recommend one over the other. They’re both good, I probably like the Manga better ’cause I’m into crazy shit like that. But I’ve also watched the Anime numerous times in both languages! I think the best way to see this is to watch the Anime first, then read the Manga to get a different angle.

So yeah, this is one of my favorite series ever. And I wanted you all to know about this. But whenever someone sees me with they ALWAYS say “What the hell is that?” because is just looks to strange from the exterior. To them I say the following

“It’s so random and it’s awesome! You should read it!”

…well off you go then…