Rewind: Elfen Lied – Blood thirsty but so much more too…

You know what? It’s been a while since I’ve been on this thing doing my little keyboard tapping and talking about stuff. So I thought as I opened my homepage to the SAME picture of Captain Herlock that I’d make it look updated.

Because I want to talk about Elfen Lied, I bought it a few days ago after getting given $50 as a gift. Right now Shin Tokyo and Madman are having a box set sale there’s alot of stuff going for $50 or less until the end of the month.

Well, enough about that, because I want to talk about the series. From the exterior it might appear to be a graphic slasher series where everything is evil. However I can assure you right now that is NOT what the series (or story) is completely based upon. Because, in truth, I found it to be absolutely hilarious as well as thought provoking. To some the series up, this girl (Lucy) who can kill using a secret weapon (not so secret after the first episode) escapes from a research institute. However, she also has a split personality who is sweet an innocent. It’s this girl (Nyu) that gets found (naked) on a beach by two students (cousins) and try to look after whilst hiding her from the police who want to capture her to stop her from slaughtering. Oh and the girl cousin (Yuka) likes the guy cousin (Kohta). Kinda freaky since they make out! There’s alot of humor based around the fact that Nyu likes the guy and the cousin is constantly jealous.

However through the series the truth of Lucy’s past becomes apparent to both the viewers and to Kohta.

This series was so good that I saw it all in the one day cause I was always wanting to know what happened next.

However, I warn you, I mentioned that it’s not a graphic slasher series. It’s not what the series is based around but it’s definitely there. This is definitely not for those with a weak stomach. However if blood is your thirst you will NOT be disappointed!