Battle Club: Doing it’s duty for “Fan Service!”

Have you ever been into something so bad that it becomes such a guilty pleasure? It might be a really bad sci-fi or song. You’d never admit it to your parents and even some of your friends! Well for me this is undeniably “Battle Club” a Manga (by Yuji Shiozaki, who wrote Battle Vixens) that scrapes from the bottom of the barrel that you end up with lesbian wrestlers, enough fan service to make you explode like the clothes do (to expose endless fields of boobs) and a girl with a massive penis!

It’s like your reading some sort of perverted disaster (thats because you are).

……but it is FUCKING EPIC!

The story (if you can call it that) is based around Tamako, a (smokin hot) girl who is in a High School Wrestleing Club. Hillarity follows through its randomness. The most hillarous poit so far has been two guys (one of them being a shemale) pissing in a lake for over the space of 2 volumes!

Basically, it’s one of those Mangas that I’d read in public just to see the reactions of the other people looking over your shoulder! All the while you ask yourself “WHY THE HELL AM I READING THIS?” Therefore, if you’re more into something with good art and a decent story line then this defiately aint the manga for you.

But right now I absolutely adore it!

World Embryo Manga – Can’t wait!

hmmmmmmm….. now you could say that i’m really bored right not. That or I’m being really constructive by documenting my life in blog form. Nah! I’m bored. I just had a trumpet lesson and I’ve got nothing until this composers forum thingy at 3:00 PM…. well at least I think it’s at 3:00 and not earlier. That would be kindo of crap if it was.

Well anyway, I can’t wait to get my hands on the Manga I ordered from Shin Tokyo last tuesday. I love going into this shop almost every day just to se what new anime and other various otaku stuff has come in. Basically the bulk of their anime stock is from Madman Entertainment as well as various other sources like their video games.

Well anyway, the manga I ordered is Volume 3 of World Embryo. It’s about this guy that got sent a message on his phone of a girl that died ages ago and he ends up with a cacoon of a baby that’s exactly like her but grows up to be her. Meanwhile there is an infection my these demon monster things that pass to other people through mobile phones and this guy eventually (because of taking drugs called jinki) becomes part of the organisation trying to get rid of the infection.

It’s a crazy story but what did you expect? It’s a japanese Manga for crying out loud! It may not be the most brilliant one I’ve read but it’s new and I’m liking how the story’s progressing so far.

Well that’s given me something to do for now. I’ll speak again some timme soon!


You know what? I still haven’t been using this thing properly or anywhere near it’s more amazing potential….

So let’s get it all straight…. XANDOX!!!!!!!! That’s the alias that counts and this is my life in blog form. Wow! It’s just like you’re reading a blog only it’s more blog like!

So yeah… I work, I live, I breathe… but more specifically I watch Anime, read Manga and play video games… you’re usual geeky habits really….

so welcome to the world I breathe…

Have a good Day!

EDIT: I managed so find some older blog post from my MySpace page. Seriously who still uses that thing? Well, at least there’s more to look at than this thing here.