1st of Blaugust – A – ASMR Videos

Every so often my hair grows long and I have to get it cut. So I go and book an appointment at my hairdresser of choice. I choose them not actually because of how well they cut my hair (which they do) but because they give it a shampoo beforehand using a basin where I get to sit in a comfy chair. While this is happening the hairdresser also gives my scalp a massage (which I guess is for the shampoo to go all the way to the roots of the hair or something) and every time I get this amazing tingly sensation from the scalp massage.
So imagine how I felt when I discovered you could experience the feelings of a a scalp massage based solely through the power of YouTube.
I know what you’re wondering. What the hell was that I just saw? 
This was just one of many videos trying to produce an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR for short. It’s meant to be that tingly feeling you experience on the back on you neck. Turns out there is a whole bunch of people (mostly girls) who make all these sorts of videos to induce ASMR. As far as I know there is no scientific basis or research on this and even the name “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” is made up by the community. That’s right, community. There’s even a sub-reddit.
Common ASMR triggers include whispering, tapping sounds, clicking sounds and light scratching sounds and crinkling sounds. However there are also visual triggers such as the dusting of feathers on skin.
Here is a massive video that hopefully sums up all the types of triggers.
But then we get to the weirdest of the ASMR videos. The role-play videos. The most common role-play involves a trip to the hair salon where the whispering hairdresser tells you how brilliant your hair is and gives you a pretend haircut. There are also makeup sessions, spa retreats and doctors appointments. 
Here is one where noodle packets are being crinkled a little too sensually.
Ever wanted a tingly feeling from an unboxing video? Here you go!
Here’s one for all you weaboos out there!
…and another one…
…and another one…
Well that ended up in Japan-land way to easily. Finally for all you gamers out there…
I get the feeling that most people who make ASMR videos are mainly doing it for the attention though. Still, if this is what they want to do on the internet then all credit to them. As bizarre as it may seem, I found some of them were actually quite relaxing.
So that’s one post down for Blaugust. I’ll be writing all my posts by going through the alphabet. Sundays, will be letter free so I can stretch it out though. It also gives me a day to catch up if I miss a day for whatever reason.
So tune in tomorrow where I will progress to the letter B. You don’t even want to now what I have in store for that one. I mean, you DO want to now what I have in store for that one and you will read and enjoy it. Just trust me…